Feeling Unmotivated

Hey dear readers! So a week ago I got back from an amazing weekend trip to Colorado.Upon returning I got into the "post vacation slump" where I have had zero motivation. Colorado is legitimately the most beautiful place i've ever been. I cannot wait to possibly move there next year ( EKK) With that said, … Continue reading Feeling Unmotivated

Letter To My Freshmen Self

I know you're nervous to start college. I know you're also excited to start the new chapter of your life. Take a moment to enjoy the peace before your world starts turning a mile a minute. The stress you feel about being in shape for pre-season, ya should just let it go. You have been … Continue reading Letter To My Freshmen Self

Dating Someone Who Doesn’t Speak Your Love Language

Expressing love is very personal and can vary from person to person, but the way you interpret love is considered your love language. There are 5 basic love languages; words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch, and acts of service. If you don't know what your personal love language is you can take … Continue reading Dating Someone Who Doesn’t Speak Your Love Language