Patience Is A Virtue….That I Stink At

We are a society that wants things, and we want those things now. It seems like we are always running towards some thing we want, some experience, something we think will make our life better, but what happens if we aren’t ready for the “thing” we want. What if we are ready and the thing isn’t ready for us?! I’m at the age where I’m working towards lots of things. Job advancement, financial independence, even working towards becoming a woman some man will be lucky enough to marry one day. In my mind I’m ready for all the responsibilities of work, money, and family, but maybe God has other plans for me.  Maybe I am ready to be married, but the man I’m going to marry isn’t ready for me ( Lord knows I am A LOT to handle, no wonder he is taking his sweet time).

We all have heard “patience is a virtue” or “timing is everything” but understanding what that means is sometimes not fun. We all want to rush to the inevitable future, which leads to us rushing our growth or bypassing the journey all together. Many people jump head first into situations they aren’t ready for. Whether it be mentally, physically, financially rushing into any situation you aren’t spiritually prepared for can only lead to the inevitable rocky road, and maybe end of something that had potential to be great

I am in the stage where I want the future to be here LIKE RIGHT NOW  because I know what I want, but I know if that future were to get here before I, and anyone around me, is prepared for will only lead to anger and disappointment

What I have been doing is trusting God with my journey. Every step is His design for my specific path and is special to my life. Individual journeys lead to individual time frames as well, so while all your friends are doing one thing you could be destined to do that when they are doing something completely different.  Faith in Him is not always easy, just like trusting anyone else in life, but it is always worth it. He is the one constant in life, and trusting in Him will never let you down. Trusting Him also means that you won’t have a bump free road. Example; the job I have now, the life I live now was just a big dream a couple months ago. I started praying that if this is my path or my destiny, God will make it happen. The job opened up when another job was ending, the apartment was ready when I had no place to live. Miraculously all the pieces fell into place, which had nothing to do with me, but Him. Not saying there wasn’t tears and stress or even costly speed bumps, but looking back the puzzle, that I didn’t control, fit together perfectly

What I’m saying isn’t rocket science and you have heard it before. What’s meant to be will always be, when the time is right no matter how bad you want it RIGHT NOW. Take a step back, breathe, and ask God for patience and discernment. Trusting God doesn’t give you a free pass to sit on your butt either! Go out and be proactive with your life, exhaust all avenues until there is nothing else you can do, to further your situation or progress in yourself. Everything will work out when the time is perfect, and you’ll be able to look back on the journey to get from point A to B and be happy things happened when they did. God’s timing is perfect timing.


–XOXO Kiley

6 thoughts on “Patience Is A Virtue….That I Stink At

  1. Vikas Singh says:

    I find every word of this blog seems to be written for me.
    I can’t exactly tell you my situation or problem, but things written in this will keep on inspiring me. I will not just praise but also want to thank you for writing this. thanks 🙂

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  2. Social Experiment Participant says:

    You seem to be ahead of a lot of people in life with understanding it’s not in your timing but His. That doesn’t make it a joy to deal with all the time though. When faced with having to exercise patience, I always tell myself that God is preparing me for something I’ll need this for later. Sometimes I wish He doesn’t have as much faith in me as he does; He seems to think I can handle a lot. Trusting in His timing is tough sometimes, but you will never be sorry to lining up with His will.


  3. calltwowitness says:

    Reblogged this on Call to Witness and commented:
    We live in a culture that is always on the go and as a result, we get frustrated when results do not come quickly. That same mentality could also hamper our spiritual walk with the Lord. We ask God for something and He does not answer immediately. When this happens, we get frustrated with Him and try to meet our needs ourselves, with not so good results.
    This on-the-go culture, I often call a “Microwave Society”, is not the way our Lord operates. His style of doing things is a lot like a farmer sowing seed and waiting for it to grow; or a baker waiting for the bread to rise in the oven. If they try to rush the process, they could ruin the product and all that labor would be in vain.
    Furthermore, this demand for immediate results can be quite stressful and unhealthy to a person because God did not design us to be so. Therefore, let us slow down and wait on the Lord to do His work. When we do things, let us not think that the results will come immediately, but let us be patient and trust God to pull through with the results; which He always does.

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  4. Lennart Wennberg says:

    Dear Kiley,
    I really admire you for your wise words and that you are sharing your thoughts with us. It takes courage and dedication.
    Personally I’m right now in a kind of an emotional desertland but I take comfort in Apostle Paul’s words in Romans 5:1-5. Not the easiest words to take in but it is words to live on.
    Bless you Kiley

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