About Me

I believe in the statement ” Wherever you go, there you are

That dealing with the past, with your baggage, and with your demons is something you have to do head on, or else you’ll be dealing with them forever. That the common denominator in all the good and bad things in life start with one person: YOU.

This is my documented journey on the path of self acceptance and happiness that comes from within. If you’re interested in random ramblings of one 24 year old non- traditional millennial, you’ve come to the right place. I write all about my faith journey, healthy-ish lifestyle, and the occasional controversial political post.

This blog came about one day because I was in need of some creative expression, and thought this would help me connect to you, my people. In the name of transparency I have no ideawhat I am doing, but I’m excited that we are on this journey together.