Letter To My Freshmen Self

I know you’re nervous to start college. I know you’re also excited to start the new chapter of your life. Take a moment to enjoy the peace before your world starts turning a mile a minute.

The stress you feel about being in shape for pre-season, ya should just let it go. You have been running and working out with a trainer for three months, you smoke the fitness test and didn’t look like a try hard. So take a breath. But be aware of the throw up that will be coming out of your teammates mouths, its everywhere. DODGE IT. Be prepared to be consistently sore for the next 4 months. Two and three a days are nothing compared to class work though. Keep up. Enjoy study hall and the laughs you have with your teammates when you’re suppose to be studying in the library. Enjoy eating last, sitting in the front of the bus, and carrying equipment through the New York airport, its part of being a scrub and one day you’ll be eating first.

Speaking of teammates. They are going to be so much more then that. From shouting “its dinner time” down the hallway before practice, to piling in each others cars for games, to dancing to “waka waka” at all hours of the night, they will be your sisters. Don’t worry about the drama or the cat fights. Stay out of it and keep your head down and be polite to everyone. These next couple of years will fly by and you girls may drift apart, its normal don’t be sad. They are always there for you.

College is a legitimate blur. Don’t be worried about the parties you miss or all the alcohol you don’t drink, someone else will. Don’t give into the pressure from peers and know you turn out just fine without having tons of hangover stories. Oh and congrats on getting your first tattoo, you rebel!

Freshmen year you also grow closer to your family, since you go home every weekend you can. Don’t worry the next couple of years you won’t be there as much, enjoy this down time now. Some life changing things are ahead, go ahead and be prepared sister. You can’t stop the inevitable.

When in doubt call mom. She gets tired of all your freshmen questions, like what laundry soap to use, but she will always answer and always come to your games. Look for her in the stands.  You may live 30 minutes from home, but sometimes you still get home sick. It’s normal and don’t feel ashamed when you cry, cause you will. A lot.

Freshmen year was/is a spring board to to some of the best and worst times of your life. Just know whatever you go through, its for a reason. As you will realize when you get your second tattoo, wow what a rule breaker. Just keep working hard and stay sweet. There are plenty of hard bitter people in the world, don’t become one. Being nice gets you so much further in life, that and a well timed fruit basket never hurt. All in all your freshmen year is nothing compared to what’s to come, just enjoy the journey kid.

–XOXO Kiley

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