How to Save $1,000 In Two Months

Saving money can be really really hard, like impossibly hard. I have always had an issue saving any sum of  substantial money. This year that all changed when I discovered I owed tax money instead of receiving money. So I put my nose to the grind stone and discovered how to save over $1,000 in just 2 months while still living alone and not adjusting my quality of life at all. 

Here are three of my tips to save money fast.

Get a Second Job

Before you roll your eyes and say you can’t hear me out. I got a second part time job to supplement my full time one and it has been great. I tuck that money away every paycheck as if I never had gotten it. If you are already living off a salaried job just fine, there is no logical reason to increase you lifestyle because you make more. I get paid bi-weekly so 1 check went to my savings, and 1 went to dropping my student loan balances.  It also helps to find a job that has a perk. My part time job is at a cycle/barre studio where I can workout for free. That means I can save an additional $29 a month by cancelling my LA FITNESS membership.  If you can’t commit to a part time job or don’t have time, find alternative ways to make money from home. Ebay and Etsy offer ways for you to make money on the side. HERE are a few of my fav ways to earn money from home. 

Stick to a Plan

We have all seen those savings plans printable on Pinterest but we usually never follow them. I actually have a year long one printed out and taped to my fridge and every week I deposit however much the chart says, into my savings account.  Having a small deposit every week is more manageable then large sums.  HERE  are some other options for savings plans.

Untitled design.png

Take it Out

This might sound silly but I have learned to take out every penny I can from my checking account. I mean physically go to the bank and take cash out. I do this because if I saw I had X amount in my savings I justified making dumb purchases because I could transfer the money out of savings into checking on my phone. That gets me in trouble. So I take the cash out and put it into an account I can only access if I physically go to the bank and take the money out.  You could also have it sent to that account every Friday when you get paid so you never even realize you saved money because you don’t have to actually detach from the money emotionally before you move it. 

And that’s about it. If I can save money, anyone can. It just take a little practice and discipline but keep in mind what you are saving for: New car, a house, wedding etc.

Let me know how you save money below in the comments!



4 thoughts on “How to Save $1,000 In Two Months

  1. Brandon Adams says:

    Haven’t commented over here in a while!

    The more you make, the more “things” will present themselves for a spot in your luxury budget. You have to deny yourself a few things if you want to save. There’s just no way around it. Fortunately, like any good habit, it gets easier the more you do it.

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  2. jelaneileen1 says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    On saving money. When I was really broke I found taking out my calculator while grocery shopping helped me to stick to my list. I also took cash out and paid for my car gas that way since I would save extra at many gas stations that added a charge for using a credit card. A final tip, I found setting a budget limit each week, taking the cash out and putting the ATM cards away meant I could only use what I had. Great way to make living within your means a practice.

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