What Did College Sports Teach Me?

The day I signed my national letter of intent was the scariest and most rewarding day of my life. My school set up a whole press event with all the local papers and news stations there. For a 17 year old it was a huge deal. I was nervous and scared I was making a horrible decision. Was I picking the right sport, since being offered two, would I start as a freshmen, would I keep my grades up so I was eligible? All questions eventually answered themselves luckily.

I didn’t know what an emotional ride college sports would be.  From the excitement of getting not one, but three kits ( aka jersey, shorts, socks). Hatred for the other team when you step off the charter on their home turf and seeing all of their fans and none of yours. Heartbreak when you loose in sudden death overtime and have to ride back on the bus in utter silence. The joy I felt when we got to play soccer tennis, losers had to run naturally. No telling how many parties, spring breaks, and dances I missed.

College sports is an experience not many people can say they’ve had. My time as a colligate athlete truely molded me into who I am today. It exposed the demons I try to subdue, and the parts of my heart I had no idea existed. Sure there were other things I learned like how to play in the snow, or when the wind was blowing so hard the ball flew horizontal, or to push through broken toes, sprained ankles, and bruised IT bands.

The day I signed my letter of intent only magnified my love and passion for a game, that has now dimmed into a sadness for not being able to play anymore. So I have five take away lessons from my experience.

1. Live in the moment
2. Never assume you’re better then anyone.
3. Be gracious in all areas of your life.
4. Bad things are always possible.
5. Thank God for your abilities.

College sports broke me down to my lowest lows and then rebuilt me to my highest highs. It’s hard to keep pushing when you’re alone, but luckily I was on a team that strived to kick butt every game, every practice, every scrimmage was played full out. We stepped on the gas and never let off.

This is sort of how I live my life now, constantly going. Constantly striving to be better, pushing the envelope at all avenues.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to play a sport At the next level, consider yourself lucky. The lessons we learned during those years are invaluable and truely mold us into wonderful human beings.

4 thoughts on “What Did College Sports Teach Me?

  1. Vikas Singh says:

    minor things may teach a man about major learning in life. Specially sports always teach us a lot about obstacles of life, solutions to them, being gentle on victory and being self praising in case of defeat.
    a whole lot of things can be learned.


  2. middleagednumbskull says:

    Sports never quit teaching about you about yourself and life in general. Funny, I am middle aged and am still being pursued to play ball.. so sports never really leave you. The discipline I learned while training at a high level has been invaluable in more ways than one. In order to compete, a desire that will always be present, that discipline still needs to exist. More and more, though, it’s becoming more about keeping me sane, the calming that comes from my mind working with my body.


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