Embrace The Suck

Growing up I had a softball coach who would tell us to “embrace the suck”. He would always say this mid sprints, or when we had to lift weights of something and I never really understood what that meant until later on in life.

Embracing the suck as he put it, means to welcome the pain. Welcome the suck, anger, resentment that makes you better. Hating what you’re doing but loving how it makes you feel is a prime example of this.Basically if the things that make you excellent didn’t suck sometimes, everyone would be doing them. Doing things that may cause you pain will help you grow as, in numerous ways from athletically, intellectually, and even as a person.

People now a days like to take the short cut, do things the easy way, or wants everything handed to them. The people who are outliers and excel the most do things others aren’t willing to do. You could be the student who studies the most, yeah it may suck, but who is gonna make the best grade?! You are. Athletes who make the big bucks are the one who train the hardest, push their bodies to the ultimate max, who wake up early, stay up late while others quit a long time ago.

So have you embraced the suck lately?! Have you sucked it up and kept going? Or did you quit when things got hard. This is what divides the goods from greats. There are some people who live for the sucky moments because they make you better and test your limits, and then there are people who like the moan and groan until they quit. Which one are you?!

–XOXO Kiley

5 thoughts on “Embrace The Suck

  1. calltwowitness says:

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    “That which does not kill you, makes you stronger.” Although this quote came from an atheist philosopher, its message applies to one’s walk with God. The Lord does not ask us to take the easy route, He commands us to take His way.
    The way of the Lord is full of trouble. It requires from those who follow Him the sacrifice of selfish desires, to love those who would try to hurt us, to live a life that goes against the vein of worldly thought. If this is all true, why should we pursue His ways?
    The same reason why we go on a diet , exercise or balance our budget. We do it in order to improve ourselves and makes ourselves better than we once were. We pursue the ways of the Lord because we know in the long run, we will be made better from all the hardship.
    I compare walking the ways of the Lord to the making of a strong sword. The steel which the sword is made of must be heated, folded, and cooled multiple times before it can be the strong weapon that it is called to be. Let us allow the Lord to shape us into His holy blade and take joy knowing the benefits of such molding makes us better than before.

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  2. joansanusi says:

    Like Charles Spurgeon said, “God had one Son without sin, but He never had a Son without sorrow, and He never will while the world stands”. Life is filled with ups and downs and it is all for the purpose of our transformation. Life will happen and only with the eyes of understanding, enlightened by the love of God, will we be able to see the hand of God in every detail of our life. We are, as God’s children been transformed from glory to glory through trials, tribulations, and temptations more than the period of calmness. ” Embrace the suck” lovingly I would say for Christ is with you all the way!

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  3. Brandon Adams says:

    This idea shows up in James 1:4 – “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

    In other words, take shortcuts and you’ll regret it. We’re embracing the suck because the suck won’t always be there – eventually you’ll stand on the other side of the gauntlet, ready to do what God has been calling you to.

    Good stuff.


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