Banish Social Media Anxiety in 1 Step

This is going to be a quick little post about the bad feelings that sometimes come with social media. The inadequacy, self loathing, envious, sometimes jealous feelings you get from seeing everyone else perfect little box lives. Seeing all their stuff, their vacations, and their perfect relationships can eat away at your soul if you don’t stop it once and for all.

This is my #1 on how to stop those feelings. 

Find the Source.

Ya know who I’m talking about. The person who makes you feel horrible about yourself, the one you thought of when reading the above paragraph. Yeah them. UNFOLLOW them.Block them if you have too. Stop looking at their stuff because it makes you feel bad about yourself. If you hold your breath a little bit when scrolling through your feed in anticipation of seeing someones picture, delete them. Plain and simple. Could be a celebrity, could be your ex’s new girlfriend, could be a friend from college. Doesn’t matter get rid of them. It isn’t a personal thing, it’s a you thing. You should not login and feel less then, worse then, of below someone. If you are constantly trying to measure up to someones picturesque life by buying things to post pictures of, or if you are trying to brag your way to a bunch of likes, you need to prune your following list.

How do you keep social media anxiety and depression from controlling your life? Let me know below

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4 thoughts on “Banish Social Media Anxiety in 1 Step

  1. mellissalalondeblog says:

    Loved this – One thing I have found helpful for myself is, learning to accept myself as I am, it has been a long journey – but I have learned I am worthwhile exactly the way I am, and I don’t need to measure up to anyone else’s idea of what I should be. I know it may seem hard, but I ignore certain posts that are self-centered and boastful, and concentrate on my path, my journey. I really enjoyed you sharing about this, I find it is something I struggled with in the past – but have learned to not let it bother me anymore, again- thanks so much!

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  2. Brandon Adams says:

    I’ve unfollowed a few of even my closest friends – the very ones who love and sympathize me in my struggles. They don’t know, and I’m still very much a part of their lives, but I’ve unfollowed them. I owe God more than I owe even them, and what I owe him is my contentment.

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