What Your Engagement Ring Says About Your Personality

Lets be real, your bling says a lot about the type of gal you are. Whether you want a mega rock, or you’re content with a unique stone instead of a diamond. Your personality is written all up on your finger, chick.


You’re probably a lot more traditional then most people your age and you luckily are rocking a ring that would make your grandmother swoon. You don’t let trends infiltrate your classic style, or wedding. Your the Grace of your friend group: timeless.

Pave Infinity Band

You’re relaxed and fun. You like things that aren’t always so serious but you can definitely roll with the punches. You like delicate, pretty features that aren’t so ttraditional and classic. Things that make you feel untethered and in the moment rule your world and most certainly your finger.

Ornate or Custom 

You are a one of a kind gal. You have a keen eye for uniqueness that is likely to carry over to your life and style. You’re likely to have a very eclectic, unconventional wedding. You can be found rifling around your local thrift stores, because it’s all about the special finds. 

Bold Band 

You’re not one to go along with trends. You wear what you want and do so unapologetically. Trends and fads don’t play into your style,but you can appreciate things that are classic with a flare.

Traditional With A Twist.

You are a bold lady and anything but boring. You like a classic look but with a little something something. Whether it’s a fun setting, mixed metals, or multiple stones you need something to bump up the old fashion cut of your diamond. You’re likely to have multiple hues of bridesmaids dresses that will be the wedding envy of all your friends.

Classic Bezel 

You are a no nonsense chick who is a ultra minimalist. A classic bezel setting will stand the test of time and trends that are likely to come and go. Classic craftsmanship is something you can appreciate.

Halo Setting 

Admit it you’re a total softie and die hard romantic. You love soft, ethereal things that are feminine and girly. The likelyhood you have a vase of fresh flowers in your house is probably very high.


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