Battle Of the Microfoliants

There are always new trends in skin care. From sheet mask to peel of mask to heated face scrubs, I want to try everything! So I have been testing out some microfoliants! I got a high end one and a drug store option.


The first one is the DERMALOGICA MICROFOLIANT. At a steep price of $55 it is on the more expensive side of skin care. I also have tried the BIORE BAKING SODA CLEANSING SCRUB which you can find for between $8-$10 depending on where you go.

so which is better? Which is worth the money and which actually exfoliates better.

Honestly I think the more higher end one is worth the money. First of all the ingredients are better, more high end, and worth the price. The Biore product feels just like rubbing straight baking soda on your face. Not only does it not exfoliate, you can buy a box of arm and hammer baking soda for a dollar at target. The Dermalogica product can also be used as a mask, by simply leaving the product on the skin. So for $55 you get higher end ingredients, exfoliating properties, and a mask all in one.

Do you have a favorite? Lemme know below


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