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If you are not for Atlanta you may have no idea what BLAST is. Let me shed some light on this one hour, butt kicking, high energy workout. With three locations in Georgia and a new location that just opened in DC recently, this boutique style studio will soon be taking the country by storm.

Before we talk about the actual class, let’s talk about the studio. It was so clean, bright, and thankfully did not smell like disgusting gym. There were lockers so your stuff would not be messed with. Towels and water are provided, and someone comes around and fills your bottle periodically so you never go thirsty! It also did not have any unnecessary stuff, because after all you are there to workout, not necessarily hang out. The studio was also well stocked with enough equipment to customize any fitness level.


BLAST is an hour long workout class split up into intervals of cardio and strength training that is customized by you, the gym goer. This is achieved by having the freedom to choose your weight, pace, and intensity that revolves around what the instructor tells you to do.

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You will spend blocks of time on the floor working with free weights, bosu balls, slam balls, mats, and pre-weighted bars then rotating to treadmills to do a corresponding block of time doing cardio. The interesting thing with the cardio is you get to choose your pace: there is a pace for walkers, joggers, and runners, but you can adjust to bounce between whatever speed you want. The incline however is called out to you by the instructor.

BLAST explanation and testimonials can be found HERE


The instructor I had was BRI SEXTON and boy was she awesome. She was very motivating and seemed to have her a strategic plan for both floor and cardio work, not to mention her music selection was great. The hour seemed to fly by, as opposed to some classes you go to the drag.

BLAST also offers NUTRITION  “coaching” if you will. You get the opportunity to sit down and talk to a dietitian and go over what your body needs, foods to avoid, and example list of grocery shopping list.

There is also a BLAST Profile where you get some test ran to find out what your number is. Your number represents to anaerobic threshold of where your body stops burning fat. Knowing your number means you know how to push yourself to reach optimal results. Feel free to read up on the details in the link above.

You may be thinking ” Boy that sounds great, but it has got to be expensive”. Well you have zero excuses not to try it out because your first BLAST class if free! The package prices, unlimited prices, and nutrition prices can all be found HERE

If you follow their Instagram or other social media, you will see that they do $5 Sunday classes of $10 Friday classes periodically. 

Ready to schedule a class? Click HERE

Still  have questions? Check out the FAQ section of their website to further your knowledge of what to expect.



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