Things You Should Keep Off Social Media

In a society where everyone is compelled to share every aspect of their lives, where do we draw the line of TMI. I understand wanting to document your Starbucks so everyone knows you’re just a basic as them, but some people just need their Facebook accounts shut down with the rants they go on.

So I present to you the things that should be left off of social media. 

If your bf/gf cheated on you. 

We know they suck, we do not need to read about how you caught him or her doing this and that. We can tell. You little hints at Someone cheating are not subtle. You look pathetic.

That You Are Going Out Of Town

I feel like this is common sense, but do not post online that you are leaving to go on vacation. Anyone will know you are leaving your house unattended for X amount of time. You are basically begging for robbers.

Personal Information

Hello, do not put your phone number, address, or God forbid social security number on social media. You will get your identity stolen, and no one will feel sorry for you, Dummy.

Password Hints

9 times out of 10 your passwords to anything will be something relevant to your life and easy to remember. Whether it be the name of your dog, the town you grew up in, or your maiden name. Things like this are clues into what your passwords can be, and it usually does not take a brainac to figure them out.

Photos Of Your Kids 

Before you jump down my throat listen. Don’t post a picture of your kid with them wearing a t-shirt with their school name on it captioned ” Johnny loves his teacher Mrs. so and so”. That is asking for someone to have access to them. Waltz right in to that school and know exactly where your little one is. Keep the details to a minimum. Or better yet, make your account private. It’s 2016 after all, can not be too safe.


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