32 Thoughts I have While Christmas shopping

  1. I’m gonna get all my shopping done early.
  2. Won’t need black Friday I’m gonna be done.
  3. Maybe I should online shop.
  4. Bet I can find a coupon.
  5. Won’t even have to go into public.
  6. Can we say no pants!
  7. What I want is sold out? Guess I have to go out into public.
  8. Not today its cold. I’ll get it tomorrow.
  9. I’m gonna get the best gifts ever!
  10. Ohhh… Nordstrom is having a sale next week?
  11. It would be dumb not to wait and save some money.
  12. Can buy myself a present too! After all I did all this work.
  13. Why are the malls so crowded already? It’s only November.
  14. Why is everyone shopping so early this year.
  15. Thought I would be the only one.
  16. This line is so long.
  17. Shopping bags are so heavy why did I agree to do this?
  18. Well didn’t find what I wanted for the family but found myself some cute boots for thanksgiving!
  19. I mean, early Christmas present to myself.
  20. Crap Christmas is next week.
  21. Every time I go in public traffic is so bad.
  22. Everything online is back ordered.
  23. Can’t be delivered till after Christmas? Not gonna work
  24. Wonder if anyone else is having this problem.
  25. What wrapping paper I should get
  26. Oh! Need a chrsitmas tree to get me in the spirit.
  27. Yes, I know its 78 degrees out. #Georgia
  28. 5/$26 heck yea!
  29. Wait what am I doing again.
  30. Gifts of yeah.
  31. Crap what to get…hmmm.
  32. Screw it, I’m giving money.


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