Things I’m Done Apologizing For

As a woman, I feel like I am always apologizing for things I  had no reason saying sorry for. I’ve been asked why I do this and I have honestly no idea. So this is me saying sorry for not being sorry.

1. For a restaurant messing up my order.

2. For someone bumping into me when I’m walking.

3. For sneezing/ coughing during a conversation.

4. Someone stepping on my foot.

5. For someone else’s behavior.

6. Ordering sweets after dinner.

7. Returning something you bought and don’t like.

8. Over dressing

9. Not replying to text that aren’t of urgent importance.

10. Asking for assistance or help.

11. Not being an animal person.

12. Having a messy home.

13. Crushing things at work.

14. Doing something that makes you happy.

15. Not enjoying someone else’s hobbies.

16. For loving someone.


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