Fitness Guru’s Who Inspire Me.

With any Joe schmo having access to a camera and YouTube, its hard to wade through the waters of fitness Guru’s on YouTube. Not to mention the millions of Instagram users putting there “fitness tips” into the world, its hard to find a quality #fitspo person to look up too.

Luckily I’ve waded through the waters and found some quality fitness content providers. Weather you’re male or female you can look up to these people.

Christian Guzman


22 year old Texas native and entrepreneur who started his own athletic clothing brand Alphalete Athletics has been consistently putting out fitness tips for years. He also does personal macro coaching on his website. Ive watched his YouTube videos for over a year now. He is very knowledgeable on the way the body works and how muscle is built and maintained. He and his girlfriend Nikki Blackketter are both very popular in the fitness realm.

Nikki Blackketter


25 year old Nikki is in charge on the women’s sector of Alphalete Athletics. She has been working out for only about three years and already has many show titles under her belt. She also makes YouTube videos and does personal training and macro coaching on Her Website Here. She also has a few online articles with simply shredded.

Maxx Chewning


25 year old Maxx is the founder of Ever Forward Clothing. I haven’t been watching his YouTube videos for more then a couple months but he is hilarious. He is more of a power lifter, but mixes it up with his funny editing. He also has a couple Articles written about him with insight into IIFYM and his training style.

Heidi Somers AKA: Buff Bunny


26 year old Heidi is another fitness guru who offers macro coaching on her website, has a hilarious YouTube channel and is affiliated with LiveFitApparel. She is into doing shows and really just living a healthy lifestyle. She has fantastic tips for ladies who want to get fit and make a lifestyle out of it.

Katy Hearn


I found Katy on her instagram because she has instructional videos. She offers a variety of online coaching with seasonal fitness challenges where participants who make significant changes, win prizes. She also has a swimsuit line with RavishSands.

Matty Fusaro


Just like the others, Matty offers online coaching on his website. A couple articles have been written about him and he has a youtube channel where he and his wife show you into their lives and workouts. He has a funny new Jersey accent but is so entertaining to watch!

So who inspires you? Did I mention someone you watch or do you have suggestions for me? Leave them down below.

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