Journaling For The Soul

I’ve come to realize there are ways to express yourself that: Don’t hurt others, don’t hurt you, and do not cause you to bottle up how your’e feeling. One way I like to get out what I am feeling is through journaling. I have a few different journals each with a different purpose. If you are in the market for a good journal, TJ MAXX and HOME GOODS have a great stationary section with nice leather and moleskin ones.

Bible Journal


A journal bible is one of the most exciting discoveries I have stumbled across. If you have not seen some of the images people have drawn up from the scriptures they are reading, they are quiet remarkable. There is even a bible that has two inches of margins so you can take notes, draw, paint ETC. Do yourself a favor and google the hashtag ILLUSTRATED FAITH. This gives me the chance to express what my image of a certain passage looks like in my head. Some days I paint, use stamps, and watercolor, while others I just like to draw calligraphy. I still write notes on the margins of my normal bible though!

Faith Journal

I have a journal I take to church with me to jot notes down. I also use it when watching sermons online, listening to podcast, or reading through my devotionals. I like having all of my faith related thoughts written down in one place. This is especially helpful when there is an interesting series at church and I can flip through the different weeks and all the notes are in sequence. I also like to write prayers in there. Sometime writing them out helps me keep up with what/who needs to be covered in prayer.

My Journal

I have a journal that is just for me. No one is to see it so I can write out who made me mad, why so and so is annoying, or the embarrassing stories I can’t tell anyone. I started this journal originally because my boyfriend is going to be gone for a couple months and I cannot talk to him, except through letters. While he is gone, he does not need to know the little insignificant stuff that happens day to day here. That will distract him from his job, and that is not an option. So I like to write sometimes as if I am talking directly to him. It is kinda comforting to be “speaking” to him in a sense. Maybe one day I will let him read it, doubtful though lol


11 thoughts on “Journaling For The Soul

  1. Karen Viramontes says:

    These are great ideas. I do the same thing but I do it to studyโ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Š I’m a “post-it note” freak and big on highlighting.

    But, i think I’m going to start doing this for journaling. Thanks


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