5 Friends Everyone Needs

There are so many types of people in this world. Good ones and bad ones, ones that drive you crazy and ones that hurt your heart, but all of them are here for a purpose. For girls (or guys) there are people we NEED as friends at one point or another.

1. The Temporary Friend
This is a hard one to accept, but not all friends are meant to be lifelong buddies. We all have a friend we need during certain seasons of our lives. Look around your friend group, there is a seasonal friend in the mix even if you don’t think so. We all need someone to come in our lives, shake them up a little, then keep it moving. This friends can leave you hurt or angry, but you will learn something from them.

2. The Hometown Friend
We all have a friend from home that has been there through everything from prom night to  college to moving away. You two may never talk, but when the day comes you see each other in the grocery store on break, you pick up exactly where you left off. No awkwardness or stumbles.

3. The Hard Ass Friend
We all have one friend who shows zero emotion, ever. This person is the one to tell you, your ex is a jerk and you are way prettier then his new girl, and you can do like sooooo much better. She is also the one who never cries, never lets you get away with shedding tears and has zero tolerance for mental breakdowns. She may seem like her life is rock solid, but she hurts just as much as anyone.

4. The Odd Ball Friend
There is one friend in every group that doesn’t quite belong there. You aren’t really sure when they became apart of the group, but you love them and their weirdness. They are great to have in awkward situations and settings, but sometimes because it’s them who is making things awkward.

5. The Ride Or Die Friend
We all have one friend who may not necessarily be the best friend, but will always be there for you. She is the one you can call at midnight and go grab some food with, or the one who will binge watch Netflix with you, at all hours of the day. You two probably have had some fights and periods of not talking, but as soon as one of you needed the other she was there for you.


3 thoughts on “5 Friends Everyone Needs

  1. Esther says:

    I am number three, and number four some times.
    I liked the post. Very true. Some people come to our lives, not to stay forever, but to teach us lessons. The lessons could be both negative and positive. When this friend leave, you have one of two notions. Either that you aren’t worth it which is the negative, or that you deserve better.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chiradeep says:

    Being an empath I always fall in that number 5 category. But again I am 1-5 for different people and in different circumstances.

    Very well written article. Commendable.

    Regards, Chiradeep


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