Football Terms For Non-Football Lovers

Fall time means football time and I am more then excited about it!  Nothing is worse then watching a game with your guy and his friends and you know literally nothing. Pass what? Off sides who? There are a lot of rules and terms so lets break down the important ones into my own sort of funny definitions.

DISCLAIMER- I actually know/ love football and some of these are silly, it’s a Monday people. 


Pass Interference

When a defensive player puts his hands on a receiver prematurely, cutting off his chances of making a fair catch, which is like really not cool.

Extra Point

A kick that takes place on either the 2 or 3 yard line that gives the team that just scored a touch down and opportunity to score 1 more extra point……why they can’t just have the extra point is unknown to me. 

Roughing the kicker

When a big dude on defense hits the kicker after the ball has left his possession. Causing major ouchies to the poor guy who just kicked the ball.

Off sides

When the other team doesn’t want you to play with them, so they snap the ball while you are on their side. Then the ref calls a foul on you and makes your whole team move back extra yards.


The time in between when the ball is put into play and when it is ruled dead ( when the play is over). The offense gets 4 downs to move the ball 10 yards.

Play Clock

The clock that shows the offense how long they have left to snap the ball. It resets after every play.

End Zone

The 2 ten yard boxes at the end of the field. The promise land of football players, where upon entry you score a touchdown, that’s if you have the ball of course.

Field Goal

When the skinny guy on the team can feel important. 1 point for Hufflepuff!


When someone on offense drops the ball, causing the rest of their team to not like them anymore.


When the offensive line lets a defensive player through their game of red rover , and the quarter back gets taken down.


When the quarter back mistakes the other team as their own and throws them the ball.

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