Being Intentional With God

Welcome back to the first post of 2016! With the holiday madness over we can all breathe a sigh of relief. I for one was up to my eyeballs in crazy the last couple of weeks and it got all of my daily routines in a tizzy. One that I have noticed having the largest impact on my day to day life is not having my time talking to God. I’m not talking about praying before my meals, I’m talking about sitting down and just being with Him.

We are all busy, and no one blames you if your bible reading gets put on the back burner. With kids, family, holidays, work, back to school it can all be a huge mess. I for one was traveling between multiple cities, bouncing back to work before new years traveling for the actual holiday and was general not making time to be with God.

I feel like this intentional time you MAKE to talk to God is so crucial. Squeezing in time is completely different then being intentional in your quest to read your bible, your devotional, or heck even sitting and being in His presence. This time is crucial in your spiritual and mental well being. I for one noticed a drop in my mood when I don’t do this, as well as the amount of time I focused on God. Sad to say, it went down a little bit.

When I start my day digging into the word it sets the tone for the whole day. My mind is in the right place, my heart at ease, and Jesus at my back before I even step out my door. What a comfort that is! When I run around like a maniac trying to run out the door I’m starting my day, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Not a great tone huh?!

Spending time with God daily also gives you the ability to talk to Him about any problems, concerns, or struggles that pop up. If you pray once a week, you’re likely to forget to seek discernment on something that is important to you. Be honest with Him when you speak. If you’re mad, angry, sad, disappointed about something let Him know! You aren’t going to hurt His feelings or upset Him. If a coworker was making you loose your patience yesterday, why not ask God to help you be patient today?! It may seem trivial, but you’ll remember you addressed patience earlier in the day, when that coworker comes yappy to ya in the break room.Nothing is too big or too small to talk to God about.

Being intentional with your relationship with God is crucial. Who wouldn’t want to sit and talk to the Creator of the universe every day?!? You may have kids a job and a demanding husband but you can still fit it into your lives. That five or ten minutes you spend with God can make a huge impact on everyone’s lives. If that means waking up ten minutes early, so be it. If it means reading your bible on your lunch break, don’t be ashamed. You have to open your day up to God’s plans, not make Him work around yours. Talk to Him, read the bible, get a devotional, listen to some worship music, shoot listen to a podcast of your favorite pastor. Whatever it is that gets your thoughts and prayers to God’s ear, pursue it DAILY, because God is pursuing you daily.

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”- James 4:8

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