3 Little Ways To A Homebodies Heart

Hello interweb! Long time no speak. Today I’m showing you three things that Homebodies will instantly love. I being a self proclaimed one myself, I know all of these things make me incredibly happy. All 3 being very affordable are a plus too!

1. Fun printed socks!

Nothing is better then fun socks! If they are holiday themed, even better. A few of my favorites are HERE and HERE . BONUS POINTS if they are higher then the ankle and fuzzy.

2. Flannel Pajamas.
I got my first pair of these last week and I am OBSESSED. The second I walk in the door its the first thing I throw on. The ones I got have bacon and waffles on them and can be found HERE Some great pajamas with shorts can be found HERE .

3. Books on books on books.
My entire amazon wish list is books because they are so cheap, but if your favorite homebody is a book worm like yours truly, checking out their shopping or wish list on amazon could give you insight on what they would love to have. If you need some ideas of your next book my amazon list can be found by searching my email. Or you can ask in the comments 😊 💛

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