Being A Millennial Is Ruining My Life

If you fall into the age range of 20 something to 30 you’re technically a part of generation Y, or classically know as the age of Millennials.  I must say being a part of this generation is horrible. Other then being stereotyped as being lazy, self centered, selfie taking free loaders, Here is why;


Double Standards.
Oh you wanna get married early? You get tormented for voluntarily loosing you “freedom”, but if you don’t get married you are seen as hopeless and like something is wrong with you.

Criticism From People Who Raised Us.
Oh we are heathens who are self entitled and lazy?! WHO THE HECK RAISED US?!? You can criticize any generation compared to the one before it because now, you don’t have to work hard, just work smarter. Things are a lot different then the old days, but we have the defense someone raised us to be this way.

Millennial Are Introverts Who Love Attention.

I can’t think of a Millennial who isn’t consistently on their phones. Now a days its so easy to get sucked into Facebook, twitter, or Instagram it makes us loose the ability to carry actual conversation or even look up for more then give minutes. The problem is we love the attention we get from these sites. We base our self worth on how many likes we get or how many people retweet what we say.


Millennials Rarely Leave The Nest.

I know so many people who haven’t moved out of their parents house. I thought once you turned 18 it was job time?? Apparently not. Millennials are known for living off their parents money, being lazy, and entitled. For some of us who have worked for years to live alone, we don’t live this stereotype.


All in all there are so many bad stereotypes that being apart of this whole “Generation Y” era. I think grouping a huge mass of people into a bubble based on age sucks and automatically makes people think you are one thing based upon the year you were born. If you feel like I do, stop even using the word Millennial and instead use, any other word to describe someone based on their own personal attributes.

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