Things Ya Learn When You Aren’t From Atlanta

Being from middle Georgia is eons different from being/ living in Atlanta. The first year I lived more in the suburbs then I do now. But surprisingly I’ve enjoyed my time closer to the city. I will preface I lived in the burbs for college, which is probably why I didn’t enjoy it as much. So what have I learned you may ask, well here it is;


People get really offended if you say you live in Atlanta, but you actually live OTP or outside the peremiter. This includes anything that’s outside of 285 from the city. If ya live in Alpharetta and say you’re from Atlanta, you’re a poser and totes not ITP.

King and Queen Or The Chess Pieces.

You know where these buildings are. You guess what colors they will be at night. Classically named the chess pieces, we have all seen them, driving down 400 or 285.

Traffic is never bad when you’re not in a hurry.
It’s like the traffic God’s like to play a game with us all. Some days I get to work 45 minutes early cause there is no traffic , but If I’m in a hurry somewhere, the dumb drivers are out.

Pepsi is The Beverage Of Satan.
Coca cola was formulated in good ole Atlanta, which means not a single restaurant in a 50 mile radius carries Pepsi. Even taco bells have coke. Don’t even try to order it, you’ll get looked at funny.

Little 5 Is Not Cool.
The trendy Yupie-ville ( young urban professional) that is called little 5 is avoided at all cost by true Atlantians. Why? Because it’s very touristy and attracts people whose rural towns don’t have an urban flair they’re looking for. Wanna take a picture with a graffiti wall, go to little 5. Go there eat at the vortex just to say you did and leave.

There Is Not A Atlanta Team.

Half the city roots for GA Tech and the other half roots for UGA. For all other sports there is a melting pot of teams people cheer for. Only team people agree on are the Braves. Oh and we can all agree that Georgia State is irrelevant.

Shooting The Hooch Is Normal.
Floating down a river is a popular past time in hot months. Most people go to Helen and float from there but there are other locations that aren’t so crowded.


The ex falcons player is modern day voodoo. We don’t talk about him. He does not exist. Michael who? Dogs what?

Basically Atlanta is its own little cluster or dos and dont’s that it takes us outsiders a little longer to understand, but eventually we all learn. WE Get it eventually.


–XOXO Kiley

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