5 Honest Things You Should Thank Your Boyfriend For

We have all seen the mushy sappy post about girls thanking their boyfriend for things, but I’ve noticed they never even seem to scratch the surface of the things guys do for their ladies. This is an honest THANK YOU to my boyfriend.

1. Thank You For Putting Up With My Hair.
From getting a face full when we cuddle, to bobby pins all over the place, to finding my hair in any and all crevices, to dealing with it in the shower drain. My bad babe.

2. Thanks For Sharing.
Not just the last bites of your food, but for the clothes I borrow and “will wash and bring them back to you”. You know you aren’t getting them back but you let me have them anyways.

3. Being Patient To The Best Of Your Ability.
I know I cant decide where we should eat, or I take too long getting ready, or I cry and get upset for no reason. You’re a champ and on the slight chance you get snippy, its totally justified.

4. Always Driving Me Around
Not sure when I realized I hate driving, but you always offer and I love you for it. Plus I can sing my lungs out and not crash.

5. Never Complaining When I Am The Definition Of HOT MESS.
Let’s face it, adulting is hard and sometimes I can’t keep myself together. I brushed my teeth with face wash once and didn’t even notice till I was done, and i threw a bag of litter into the tree outside my house and its stuck there. You never laugh at me for not being completely together.

Add in all the mushy couple things on top of this list. You’re the real MVP.

–XOXO Kiley

4 thoughts on “5 Honest Things You Should Thank Your Boyfriend For

  1. RhapsodyBoheme says:

    What a lucky boyfriend and I’m sure he knows. And for you my dear, not taking things for granted and appreciating those very little things makes all the difference. Love this ❀️ and you always captivate me with your style of writing.


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