| Planted In a Grove |

I am so unbelievably blessed to live in Atlanta where there are so many amazing churches and worship leaders. With these churches come some very unique environments that many peoples small town churches don’t have the resources to provide. I’ve written about my love for North point’s NP/NIGHTS before and expressed how refreshing it is to hear messages that are specific to my season of life. Well this past Monday my small group and I decided to go to the fall kick off of Passion City Church’s The GROVE, and boy were we not disappointed!

 The Grove

“The GROVE is a monthly gathering for the women of Atlanta. Hosted by Shelley Giglio and The GROVE Team, these gatherings are an extension of what Jesus is doing in and through Passion City Church.

We believe every woman (person!) is God-designed, purpose-intended, significant, and lavishly loved by the King of the universe. No matter your age, your status, your style, or whether you think you have it all together or not, you are welcome at The GROVE. You are invited to come, rest, worship, learn, and be as we celebrate the power and greatness of Jesus.”


Since I have never actually been to PCC before this service, I had really no idea what to expect. I’ve been to one other GROVE event, but it was not at the actual church. Let’s just say I was blown away at the attention to details, environment, and vibe that was circling the building, and props to the amount of Insta-worthy backdrops!  The air was literally buzzing with excitement and the amount of women that showed up for Jesus was incredible ( over 3000 to be exact) . The worship team, speakers, and volunteers made this night one of the best nights in a church I’ve ever experienced, and anytime you can hear Shelley Giglio speak is a pretty awesome night! The actual message was brilliant and I would be doing the speakers a disservice by trying to summarize their words, so instead I will leave you with my take away verse from the night.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.” 1 Peter 5:6

I left the service feeling grounded, strong, and totally in tune with God’s plan for my life. If you are a lady in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend you stopping by for the monthly gatherings, you will not be disappointed.

If you would like more information about  The GROVE or would like to receive the newsletter click HERE .

PS: Get there early because seats fill up fast! 

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