| Road Tripping |

This past weekend the BF and I drove down to see his brother and sister in law in Pensacola. I hadn’t been there since my college soccer days so I was excited to go back.

The trip down was a breeze and only took about 6 hours. It was also filled with obnoxious singing ( totally me), goofy Snapchats, and near tears for lack of bathrooms. Also we usually never listen to music, we are too busy talking . strange.


The weather was in the low seventies and sunny for almost the entire weekend which made for perfect Beach weather.  I didn’t go in the water but the guys did, granted they had on wet suits.



When we weren’t at the beach we were just relaxing, watching Netflix , and drinking mass amounts of coffee. Whenever you go on a trip you always plan to do so much, and then time flys by and you didn’t get to do half the things you had planned.

However we did go to a nice restaurant on the water called Red Fish Blue Fish which was excellent. It would have been good for families, since it has so many lawn games for kids and fire pits for adults.



I am overall very sad to be home, writing this post dreading another work week, but such is life. I am so thankful to have friends/family who let me come stay with them for the weekends. Love you guys!

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