Finding Your Zen

Okay, is it just me or is this holiday season the most stressful thus far? I feel like every year the pressure gets heavier and heavier. I personally am in mid- disbelief that is already December 7th. With the craziness of the holidays I have to try really hard to relax and calm down, or else I will drive everyone around me bonkers. 

I have comprised a list of 3 things that make me feel calmer during the holidays. I will attach links to things if I can find them. 

 Relaxing Music

I typically like to live up to my southern roots and listen to country music all the time, but this time of year I switch it up just a tad. The Lumineers Pandora station has been my absolute favorite to listen to when I am driving, or doing housework. Their new album Cleopatra is on serious repeat.

My favorite songs are OpheliaAngela, and Sleep On the Floor.


Yes, I am like every other female on planet earth and I adore candles. I have no idea what it is, but I love making my house smell good. I especially love candles that smell a little manly. Think Mahogany Teak wood for all my bath and body works lovers out there.  Plus I am a sucker for candles with a unique jar I can use after the candle is used up. Some of my favorite candle brands are PaddyWax , Candlefish, and Capriblue

Take A Dip

Again I am a female, and I love bathing a bath. It’s my fav and I can always be found watching Netflix in the tub. While I am in the tub I like to have a bath soak. My favorite one is this one from Spray Studio. I love the detoxing effects it has on the skin, and it helps me take of my spray tans whenever I am about to get a new one. I also am obsessed with the Sugar Scrub to get rid of my probably abused stressed out skin.

If you want to try out any of these products you can use the code ” kiley ” for 15% off and free shipping.

 How do you relax during the holidays? Lemme know below!


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