Swap Your Starbucks For This Easy At Home Treat

If you are like me you usually have a little coffee left in the pot each morning, and most of the time you know that coffee usually ends up being poured out. I decided to whip up a recipe to utilize that left over coffee in hopes of making a tasty treat.

I started off by freezing the left over coffee in ice trays. It took me about three days to have enough coffee to freeze a full tray, but you could always make enough coffee in one pot to fill the tray completely. I then added two tablespoons of Nutella into a blender with my coffee cubes and started blending.Once there was a nice coffee/icy mixture going on, I decided to add a scoop of chocolate protein powder, because health.


The amount of coffee cubes depends on your preference of iciness. If you like it really cold, you can always add more. You could even mix it up and add caramel, peppermint, or cinnamon flavored syrup to give it a new zing.


SHOUTOUT to my amazing church and N P/NIGHTS for the awesome mug.



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