Becoming A Addict

Before we jump to any conclusions here, I do not have a drug problem or shopping addiction, though my bank out begs to differ. I think  knowI am addicted to church! How lame did that sound?? But it is true. I have spent roughly 21 of my 23 years of life out of the church, or attend so infrequently the messages went right over my head. Well since my boyfriend ( thanks babe)  shined some light on the messages of Andy Stanley I have been addicted. Andy says his church is a place for non-church people to go, and I can totally agree with that. My church, North Point Community, is one of the most inviting and friendly places I’ve had the honor of stepping foot into. Stepping into the doors there is no indication that it is a church at all. SO no weird sculptures, somber music, or judgy eyes. The walls are painted neutral and there are friendly music and people everywhere!


Building aside, the messages are what’s important. Most services start off with some awesome worship music. Not your boring old hymns either! we’re talking full band with killer base and a light show to boot. If you need ear plugs, they have those too LOL. Then Andy comes on and his messages are always so relevant and always connected somehow to the works of Jesus and the Bible. You sit and listen to him speak and you always swear the messages were written for you, because they always speak truth about your life, situation, or problem. He is a great public speaker if you don’t necessarily believe in the whole Jesus thing, yet. Services always last an hour because even pastors have things to do and do not wanna be there all day!

I think since finding NPCC It has made me excited about hearing the word of God and growing in my relationship with Christ. It also has motivated me into getting connected involved. In the three months I’ve been a member I’ve joined the Guest Services team, got in my first small group and am embarking of the journey of getting baptized.

If you’re curious about this church or the messages they are broadcasted at 9:00,11:00, 4:30 & 6:30. Or you can watch past messages at the links below. This Sunday September 27th, the new series ” Bad Blood” starts  if you want to start watching from a fresh series.

BadBlood_WebBanner_NPCC—Launch2North Point Community Church

NPCC Messages

Wanna Get Involved?

If you have any questions about church, getting involved, or wanna chit chat feel free to leave a comment or message me! God bless!

–XOXO Kiley

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