|Day 3| Prancing Through the Psalms 

Hello wonderful readers. Today we are back with our third installment of our study of the Psalms. 

If you missed the first two days I created a tab where you can read all the installments in order, or catch up on ones you’ve might of missed. 

As always you can read the third Psalm HERE

I think this is a wonderful couple of verses to read this time of year. Thanksgiving just passed and the holidays are right around the corner. The hustle and bustle can really make you distracted from God and practicing your faith on a daily basis. Thanksgiving is something we should give to God every. single. day. 

David wrote this psalm when he was knee deep in trouble. He had just fled from his own son, who was leading a rebellion against him. We see in verse 2 that people were saying David was too deep in trouble to receive God’s help, but worse then that God was not  just unable to help, but unwilling to.  BUT that is not the case. David knew God would be there for him. David knew God was his shield, and that no one could make him believe otherwise. David knew what he was doing was wrong, but God showed him higher ground. He lifted David’s head and showed him glory and mercy. This mercy can be found in the fact David said he found sleep. Under the intense pressure he was feeling, sleep was not something easily found. and after he slept he awoke, yet another blessing from God. David arose with confidence that he could face any foe because God was on his side.Remember Romans 8:31: If God is for us, who can be against us?  David was fully trusting God for what he had already done Strike all my enemies on the jaw;  break the teeth of the wicked”  In doing so it gave him confidence. At the end we see that David was concerned about God’s hand not only on himself, but all of God’s people. From the Lord comes deliverance. May your blessing be on your people.”

So while the beginning of this psalm we see David complaining to God about his enemies, and he had every right too.Rather then continue though, we see David profess his faith and putting his full confidence and trust in Gods hands. 

Which leads me to the question, have you caught yourself complaining about things lately? Whether it be about people, your situation, what you do or don’t have? We all do it, the difference is we have to be willing to trust God in whatever situation we are in. We can be honest with Him and tell it like it is, the difference is we still have to give thanksgiving  in all situations, because they were all given to us by God for His glory. 

 I have attached some lock screens that you might like to save. They are all of my favorite verse, verse 3.

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5 thoughts on “|Day 3| Prancing Through the Psalms 

  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert says:

    Psalms 3 and 4 are closely connected and should be seen and studied together! The one is a morning hymn, after a night spent safely in the midst of danger (3: 5) ; the other as evening hymn, when the danger, though less imminent, has not passed away (4: 8). The spirit and the circumstances are the same: there are resemblances of language and structure, though the fourth Psalm was written somewhat later, when King David had time to reflect on the true nature and character of the rebellion. But the essence is of course the faithfulness and safety of the Lord! Indeed Praise the Lord!


  2. Brandon Adams says:

    Most Psalms follow a pattern: author complains bitterly, but ends acknowledging God’s love and faithfulness. It’s the pattern I try to follow: whatever “bone” I have to “pick” with God, I end reminding myself of who he is.


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