| Day 2 | Prancing Through the Psalms

Oh snap! Day 2 is here with our reading series.

If you missed the first day you can check it out hereAnd you can find Psalm 2 in its entirety HERE.

One reason I have always been interest in the Psalms is because you really get to see many different things from the rest of the bible ( especially new testament). In this specific verse you get a glimpse of the power God posses, and the power He can give to someone he anoints.  

Now we don’t exactly know who wrote this one, but you can catch the gist of what the writer was intending pretty  quickly. My favorite verse may  come as a surprise because it is actually verse 9 and says “You will break them with a rod of iron;
    you will dash them to pieces like pottery“.  At first glance it seems menacing, threatening even. Break us? Dash us? What.

Reading the verse as a whole, you understand that it’s not meant to be a threat but a sort of reminder. Defy God and perish away, or submit to Him and be blessed forever.God has anointed someone, king of Zion. Why do the nations rise up against someone God put in place there. What do they gain from doing so? Nothing. This verse shows just how foolish people can be because together God and his anointed one could break them, could shatter them like clay pots. The writer urges nations to give up their worldly things and submit, so that they can be blessed.

Reading this verse a time or two got me thinking about all the things of the world I hold on to and cherish, sometimes more then God. How foolish it sounds to want to hold on to something that seems so meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Is there anything you would have a hard time giving up?  Today of all days being black Friday, I’m sure we all loose sight of God when we are fighting for all those good deals. Always remember that if God ask you to give up something, to submit to Him, its always for your best interest and part of a grand plan.

You show obedience with the Lord usually not in a grand gesture sort of way, but a daily struggle to trust His plan, to listen to what He tells you, and to keep walking when you cannot see the path ahead. 

3 thoughts on “| Day 2 | Prancing Through the Psalms

  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert says:

    For the John Calvin lovers here? There is a nice book, still in print I think, from P&R Pub… ‘John Calvin, Heart Aflame, Daily Readings from Calvin on the Psalms’, (366 pages). And yes, I am a basic “Calvinist” (though generally more Neo-Calvinist these days), but I like to think more of a Calvin’s – Calvinist? Thanks much to our blog host! 🙂


  2. Jeffrey H. King says:

    What a great contemplation for today of all days. I looked at the headlines this morning, and already greed and anger have taken their toll this Black Friday. Submit to God, and leave your sinful; desires behind. Perhaps that which He breaks us with is our own actions?


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