Prancing Through the Psalms.

I can be the first to admit that reading the bible is usually very low on my priorities list. Not because I dislike it, nor do I lack a desire to be closer to God. It’s just hard sometimes. It’s hard to comprehend the magnitude of the words. It also makes my heart swell up when I do sit down and focus on what I’m reading. I just have to do it. I find reading a brief devotional much more manageable and easy to process.

The 5 books of the Psalms have always interested me, and I always find overwhelming truth no matter which psalm I am reading. So what better way to get in the habit of reading the bible the actually doing it consistently through a whole section! I think the psalms are a great starting place, since the beginning of the books are typically shorter.

I decided to read a psalm everyday and write about my thoughts on it, what I learn from the quiet time with God, and how I can apply it to my life. I will also do my best to link phone screen savers of my favorite verses for you all. I find having the screen saver helps me remember the verses better!

This series will be mixed into my other blog post and will start next Monday November 21st.Ā If you have any advice, or have a favorite psalm let me know below!


8 thoughts on “Prancing Through the Psalms.

  1. twentyfoursevenmarriage says:

    Love your post! Devotion time is hard for me, too. I am glad you are honest and not a “fake Christian” who boasts about how great they are. You are truly an inspiration to us all. Have a Blessed week!
    Lynley and Twentyfoursevenmarriage on YouTube.

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  2. Jeff says:

    I’ve been using a delightful little devotional book called Praying With the Psalms, by Eugene Peterson. It’s a year’s worth of readings, and never more than a couple of paragraphs. Short and sweet, with a prayer to finish each day.


  3. 365 days of marriage says:

    107 and 116 are two of my favorites! 116:7 is one of my life versus. So encouraging. šŸ™‚ Good luck on your journey! Another good “jumping off” devotional is Streams In The Desert by L. B. Cowman. I’ve read through it many times and it is always helpful. It’s not a “fluffy” devotional, it’s more “life is hard, but God is with us.” Good luck in your journey!!

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  4. sirajunmunira says:

    This week I have just finished working on some research for a young adult’s version for the life of David (Dawud) for Muslim children from traditional Islamic sources. I would love to include a quote from the bible with this research but I though maybe to ask you which Psalm would speak the most to a young person. Thank you!


  5. Dr. J says:

    Thanks for the invitation to romp through the Psalms with you. Reading the Psalms always brings boundless blessings for me. The First Psalm was the first passage of scripture that I committed to memory as a youngster, and it still abides in my heart and mind to this day. My all-time favorite, if I had to choose just one, is Psalm 27 which has helped to sustain me over the years. I appreciate so much your zest for life–your joie de vivre–that radiates throughout your posts.

    Thanks also for the recent likes on my blog. Blessings back to you.


  6. donnacowens says:

    I just stumbled across this and am wishing you much success. I have had my own engagements with the Psalms in daily meditation. This is inspiring me to share more of that work and to persevere in completing them.


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