I Voted For Trump and Here’s Why

We all know the state of Americans right now, so discussing the behaviors shown in the last 36 hours is not my intentions. Though I don’t support people burning the flag in protest of “love and fear for their country” this is not what this post is about.

What is is about is this: I’m a woman, who voted proudly for Trump and am willing to give him a open minded shot. I will say this until his presidency is concluded. Here are my reasons behind my vote.

1. American Dream Is Real Y’all

People forget the hope Trump just put into the hearts of every American who thought they couldn’t be president. He has ZERO political background.none. zip. He just proved the American dream that if you work hard, if you play fair, if you appeal to enough people you CAN become whatever you want, even president. He just proved you don’t have to be a career politician, hand out favors, make schemes, or lie to get your way. 

2. He Doesn’t Hate Women

Y’all are so willing to crucify him for what he said 12 years ago, but I’m sure your boyfriend’s,your husband’s and your dad’s have said bad or worse things when they were younger. Hell, listen to rap music today and you will hear worse things.”bitches and hoes right”?! Yet you want to say you’re scared as a women? Gimme a break. If we all got bashed for what we said once upon a time we would all be at fault. Luckily we don’t have people recording our every word. If we did I bet we would all be screwed by what we said in the past. Yet  there are women who love to go out to clubs and have guys dance on them and grab them. Isn’t that a little backwards?

3. Mo’ Money Less Problems

I assume the people rioting have never read Trump’s tax plan, i’ll sum it up for ya. We get more money, with less taxes. There ya go.

4. Preserving Life

I’m just gonna say this once and be done with it: if you are willing to vote someone in office who does not see the value of life or try to preserve it, you are voting for a monster. Voting for late term abortions for medical purposes is just a step down a slippery slope we can’t come back from. Pretty soon the term “medical” will be interpreted by the discretion of the doctor and that is where corruption will come into play. Doctors will soon be giving abortions to the highest bidder and saying it’s for the health of the mother. Trump doesn’t support this so everyone freaking out about birth control, are loosing their minds over nothing. If he doesn’t support abortions, wouldn’t you think he would make preventing measures easier to access?! Think about it .

5. 2nd Amendment Strong

I love how people have not mentioned this since he got elected, but no one could shut up about it before. He doesn’t wanna mess with the 2nd amendment. Wow ya don’t say, a politician who wants to keep our civil liberties intake. What a strange concept. There are rights that are given to us, that were set up long before any of us were born, and will last long after we die. The right to bear arms protect us from loosing all the other freedoms we have. Also the last person who took the peoples guns away was Hitler, and we all see how that turned out.

6. Perceived Privilege.

I’ve seen lots of tweets and post saying” if you aren’t scared it’s because you are privileged”.Maybe people aren’t scared because we will all be fine. There was flipped anxiety when Obama got voted president, yet no one was showing their concern in such immature, reckless ways. Trump just gave the average american immense power. He lit a spark under Americans who thought the government was just corrupt, elites. NEWSFLASH if you live in America you ARE PRIVILEGED. Ya think if you went to another country and protested about the president you would get very far? Hell no they would jail you, beat you, or kill you. If you burned the flag you were supposedly in protest for, you would get the police down your throat so fast. Women, you get to have freedom to do, be, and say whatever you want. Why do you say women are loosing their rights? You can vote, go to college, speak, marry who you want, not marry if you want, you can wear shorts for God sake, do anything and everything a man can. You aren’t loosing anything. You may actually be gaining something. No one is talking about how Kellyanne Conway was just the 1st woman EVER to run a successful presidential campaign. looky there, that’s the “glass ceiling” breaking.

7. Muslims and  Foreigners

I will say this in laments terms: if you and a million of your closest friends went to another country, would you or would you not act like their people? Would you, as a woman, go to say Saudi Arabia and not walk around with a man, and not walk around without proper garments on. NO! because that is their country, that is their law, that is their way of life and just because you are there, doesn’t mean to rules need to change to accommodate your way of life because you are there. Here you can do whatever you want as far as culture, religion, or nationality because we are open to living peacefully together, but the second you try to change the practices the country was built on, you are asking for a fight.

46 thoughts on “I Voted For Trump and Here’s Why

  1. w1nt3l says:

    I do hope you’re right in your support for Trump. I’m reserving my right to wait and see for a while before I form an opinion one way or another. I do have to admit that I’m proud of us as a voting public to stand up and reject the mainstream media’s “chosen winner” ahead of the election and give them all a figurative black eye.

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  2. deborahanndykeman says:

    Excellent post and very well said! We need to stop the ‘black-America’, women’s rights, etc. stuff and stand UNITED because that’s what the United States of America is all about! As you said, in other countries, NO ONE would be out protesting the new president-elect in such a fashion. They would be dead. We have independence, equality and freedom in this country like no other and we just proved it again with this election. United We Stand!

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    • 3375F says:

      Exactly. Everyone that feels oppressed is not looking at all the advantages they are given here. Thats like people saying their life sucks because they have an old iPhone and not the new one.

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  3. V.J. says:

    We are all entitled to our opinions, and you have eloquently defended yours, however; know that there are consequences for denial, and that the fear and hurt that is felt by many is just as real.
    I hope that peace resolves the current uprising.

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    • 3375F says:

      I’m not in denial, I’m being optimistic. They way people feel now are the way others did when Obama got elected, yet we all turned out fine in the end. Fear of the unknown is completely justified, acting out of anger however is not. Being mad that your person didn’t get elected is part of the beauty of this country. We have a say, and just because the majority voted one way, doesn’t mean they are better off then the collective whole.

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      • V.J. says:

        I understand your perspective, and please know I am not in the US, so my candidate was not an issue. The insults he threw and imposed affect me personally as I am part of a diverse family, have seen first hand the cruelty of prejudice (which he incited), and have fought for women’s rights. I am sorry but I cannot accept that his crass behaviour has a place in leadership (him or anyone else) – it sets a precedence. I do appreciate that you and I have very different world views (have recognized it before) and that is what makes the world go round. Be well.

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      • 3375F says:

        I guess I look at a person’s actions more closely then their words. I don’t get easily offended by someone making brash or out of line remarks, if their actions are in hopes of making amends of their words. People are just mad that “they lost”. When in actuality no one lost, we all gained something new that could help all of us. Not just in the us but in the world, we just can’t jump to conclusions yet since he hasn’t assumed office.

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  4. usathroughoureyes says:

    So well written 3375F. This country is Great and what makes it great is our rights under the Constitution. Our founding fathers framed it as a living document. Every point you brought out is accurate and I believe Trump is as tired as all of us of what politicians have been doing for all these years. Tuesday the people of the United States of America spoke and in looking at the election map every state with the exception of 10 were red and those that were blue when you clicked on them red was just shy of the 50% mark. We all have the right to the “pursuit of happiness” not the right of having the government tell us what is happiness according to them. We have a government of the people, by the people and for the people and again Tuesday the American people spoke that we are tired of the road politicians have been taking us down. They promise this and that and after elected spend their tour of duty blaming the other person.

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    • 3375F says:

      I totally agree! We as a whole unit, took back the power out of big business, or of corruption, and out of political agenda. If Trump has bad ideas, the Senate and House can repeal anything he tries to do. Its not the end of the world, just the beginning of what could be the comeback of Americans.

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  5. gabriel360live says:

    You make some great points, especially about how people are offended by things Trump has said. Personally, I believe something said in what was my favorite TV show, Firefly: “It’s my estimation that every man who ever got a statue made out of him was one kind of son of a b**** or another” (from an episode called Jaynestown). In other words, our leaders tend not to be good people. If you could go back in time, you’ll probably see leaders we now consider great who were just as bad or worse. It’s like the movie Star Trek: First Contact, in which the Enterprise crew travels back in time and meets someone who they admired; however, rather than finding the pristine figure they believed him to be, they discovered a man who was only human after all.

    This is not to say that we shouldn’t expect more from our leaders. In fact, Trump has become much better at presenting himself since the race began, and this is because of all the criticism he has received concerning his behavior. To me, this makes him the candidate I’m glad was elected. He learns and he evolves. Maybe we can’t make him the role model people think a president should be, but at least we can hopefully help him to become a better person as he hopefully helps us to become a better country.

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    • 3375F says:

      I agree, I feel like he has really come into his own the last few months. We all can act crazy until we get feedback or criticism, then we tone it down or straighten out. Luckily for normal people, others don’t hold your past behavior over your head.

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  6. braddahr says:

    I appreciate what you wrote and I would defend your right to say it. I’m Canadian so I don’t have any say in USA politics but we will be affected by them nonetheless. Ultimately, it is foolishness to trust and hope in any human king/queen to be our “saviour” as they are flawed, generally self-centred, and will pretty say and do anything for popular approval. There is no real vision for hope just lots of angry words. That’s why things are not going to get better; there is no utopian ideal just around the corner that we will be led into by anyone.
    Why I am really concerned about what has happened is because I have stood in Yad Vashem, the holocaust museum, and I have studied the events, rhetoric and the othering that took place; what set the stage for those horrible, hateful, actions. I’ve seen what appealed to the people, how it was presented, and how others just went along with it.
    Maybe, I certainly hope, things will go differently but we don’t seem to learn from the past.

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  7. E. Leona says:

    Hi, I followed your blog and I enjoyed your spiritual posts about journaling, meditating and diy projects. I also appreciated your empathetic post on Black Lives Matters. I also like that you address political issues, even though I am on the other side. I voted for Hillary Clinton but I think it’s important to read other perspectives in order for me to understand people more and find commonalities.

    However, I’m going to be honest in that I do feel as a child of “foreigner”, they are from Haiti, I feel a bit misunderstood and boxed when I see comments about immigration. I’m trying to understand your reasoning behind Muslims and Foreigners as a reason you voted for Trump. You mentioned that a person who moves to Saudi Arabia would have to fit into the culture. So does that mean that mean Muslims should stop going to Mosque in America? My family should stop speaking Haitian Creole? My Latino friends should stop listening to merengue or salsa? My Cambodian students stop cooking stir-fry? Also, I don’t think we should aim to be like Saudi Arabia and become a country that forces immigrants to assimilate. There are many Muslim countries that could be an example for us that are more welcoming to other cultures, Tunisia, Jordan and Qatar to name a few.

    Finally, though you didn’t really mention it in this post, part of the reason why you didn’t vote for Clinton is because “she’s a liar”. But Trump lies. In fact, when asked about how he made fun of a disabled reporter. He point blank said he didn’t do it. Does that mean I should name call him a Liar? I do think Clinton, suffered from a lot of name-calling. Instead of focusing on her actions, the public, the media called her names which I think isn’t fair. I admit she did some mean things as well, which I felt weren’t necessary. However, as a teacher who has taught children and adults, I try to avoid that visceral language towards a person’s whole being. I do hope he tones down the name-calling of people and that his supporters as well as those against him do the same.

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    • 3375F says:

      When I mention foreigners I meant it Like This: if you more here you can practice whatever you want, speak whatever you want, eat whatever you want but you can’t expect Americans to do them also. Illegal immigrant want Americans to learn Spanish to make their lives easier, which isn’t right. I mentioned Saudi Arabia because they are very strict with women, so you wouldn’t go over there and not wearing head coverings because it’s their cultural to not allow that. I didn’t vote for her because my fiance is in the military and I couldn’t never support her being commander and chief and possibly controlling his destiny.


      • E. Leona says:

        I appreciate your fiance’s service :-). And that’s definitely an understandable factor in choosing someone for president when your loved ones are involved. But in terms of immigrants, undocumented immigrants make up about 3% of the U.S. population and those undocumented that speak Spanish make up about 2%. The rest of the undocumented immigrants are from all over the world. As an instructor who has worked with students from all over the world, their biggest goal, Latino and non-Latino, is to learn how to read, and write English. The school I just left had a 2 year waiting list for ESOL classes and students literally waited just to learn English. I think Americans have pushed for Spanish options because of the growing Spanish documented population but no one is forcing Americans to learn it. Many countries around the world are multi-lingual and studies show that speaking several languages is good for the brain. I wish I spoke my parents’ language more fluently! lol

        But I just wanted to get a better understanding of your reasoning for the “Muslim and Foreigners” point. Thanks for elaborating. I’m not a big back and forth person with debating I just wanted to share my perspective as a black woman and child of immigrants with friends from all walks for life. I have to get back to work.

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  8. lodiandz says:

    Yay! Fellow blogger! I’m a blogger as well and the proud mommy of a pretty special kid! I’m also part African American, Native American and German. Funny though, because I look mostly African American, that’s my experience in America. I’m a tough one though. I’ve been called everything but a child of God and yes Nigger was the most frequently used. Fortunately I surround myself with very intelligent and open minded people that can discuss issues and have differing points of views without resorting to name calling. However when I step outside the confines of my circle, I’m not that fortunate. My point is that although my people were here when Columbus ‘discovered’ America and my people were brought over as slaves from Africa and my people migrated here to live the American dream, my experience has not been pretty. I am relieved to find a place where people can give their opinions without repercussion and are open minded enough to try to find out why people think and act like they do. I used to think my son would not have to grow up experiencing what I experienced (and still do) but I’m afraid he will. I love this country it’s the best country in the World, because I speak out against injustice doesn’t mean I’m militant or anti government or unpatriotic (in fact my father served in the military before becoming a sherrif to fight for my and your freedom to do so) If you or anyone would ever like to have an educated and civilized dialogue about why minorities are so hurt and angered over trump, I am more than happy to offline. BTW my blog is nobarrierdreams where I talk about all sorts of things including raising a special needs child!!!

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  9. RhapsodyBoheme says:

    Bravo, it’s sickening to see all the hate comments and disrespect while nobody is even willing to give him a chance. Everybody is so negative and all knowing and nothing has even happened.
    Loved reading your post ❤️


  10. sirajunmunira says:

    I am a Muslim American and while I do find the President elect very frightening I hope that he will be guided to useful actions as our president. Muslims are called to respect and pray for their leaders even if they are not ideal. The idea is that God can guide whom he chooses and the people are called to pray that their leaders are guided. So I do pray that he is guided and that all Americans are served by this president.


  11. Joe says:

    Very good response to what is happening right now. I am also a Trump supporter and feel that we need to give him a chance before we write him off. I am genuinely shocked by the amount of violence that is happening around the country with the protests. And George Soros is behind some of these, busing people in to protest. This is what happens when the entitlement generation doesn’t get their way. I don’t remember this happening when Obama was elected.

    Anyway, great post!


  12. gr8teful says:

    Very much appreciated your blog post. I’m an old lady and I know stuff. I voted for Trump, too, partly because there wasn’t a remotely acceptable alternative. So I voted for the issues. Pro-life.

    Further, I am far more concerned about what Hillary promised to do than I am about what Trump said a decade ago.


  13. Idle Muser says:

    Finally got my eyes on the reasons for voting for Trump, and cannot find much fair arguments against any point.
    What made him a bad person is the statements that he delivered during pre-election period. But time will show his real nature. Hope for the best! 🙂


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