This Is Country Music LIVE

So it may sound Uber cliche to say I am a huge fan of country music, considering I’m from the south, but I do. I especially love new age country. Music that has a little twist and not so much twang. Don’t get me wrong I love the classic but there is something unique about the stuff coming out in the last couple of years.

Saturday night I got to experience my favorite group, country or non country, live in person from front row. Correction, not front row, better, from the pit. If you ever have the opportunity to see a group or artist from that close up, you should spring for those tickets because it was incredible. When you see the videos I took you’ll see just how close I got. Yes, I touched all their hands also. Duh.

The first act was Kane Brown.  He is new to the scene but he put on a really good show. Some of his hits include THERE GOES MY EVERYTHING , USE TO LOVE YOU SOBER , and THUNDER IN THE RAIN. He hails from Georgia, like me, so he has been floating around locally for awhile, even playing a few shows in my hometown. For being so young he has a very mature voice

The next act was The Cadillac Three. I honestly have only heard a couple of their songs a few times, but they are three rocking dudes. Their hits include WHITE LIGHTNINGTHE SOUTHTENNESSEE MOJO.

The third act was Cole Swindell. Seeing as he and I graduated from the same college (hail southern), I’ve seen him live twice before on Luke Bryan’s farm tour. He is a great performer, and whatdya know, he is also from Georgia. Some of his hits include CHILLIN ITYOU SHOULD BE HEREYOU AINT WORTH THE WHISKEY. I bet he will have another headlining tour soon he has a lot of hits.

The main act, my favorite group, the one group I sing every song word for word, was Florida Georgia Line. Y’all my love for their music is serious. It was amazing being able to be so close to hear them sing. They honestly sound exactly the same as they do on their records. It’s crazy. If you haven’t gotten their new album it came out a couple months ago and may be better their the other ones. I am also so glad they played some of their old stuff and not just the new stuff like some artist do.


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