A Letter To My Children’s Spouse

This may come as a surprise to you, considering you haven’t been born yet, but I am praying for you. I’m not sure who you are, what you will like, or what drives you to wake up in the morning, but I cannot wait to meet you. It may sound crazy to say I love you already, but I do. I’m not sure if you are a boy or a girl but I know God has already set you on a course to meet my daughter/son. My own children haven’t been born yet, so speaking to you as a mother in law here sounds crazy, but be good to them. I know they are hard headed, and stubborn at times. Can’t say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but they mean well. I understand if you get tired of them sometimes, but hey no relationship is perfect! Just know I raised them to treat you with the utmost respect and to be willing to move mountains for you, no matter what. With that said don’t take them for granted. They love hard and trust easily so don’t play with their emotions. Be upfront if something bothers you, it may hurt their feelings at first but who cares. They will get over it and fix their mistakes.

There are times when I lie awake at night and wonder if you will raise my grandchildren to play the piano, hit home runs, or bake cookies. I know without a doubt you will have a earth shattering love of Jesus and will raise them to as well, just like I have raised my kids too. Feel free to call whenever you need a baby sitter, mental break, or need to vent about my child. Trust me I know they are a handful.Feel free to always be honest with me as well. I will do my absolute best to never get involved in yalls relationship and to never be a monster in law.

No matter your mistakes, stumbles, or screw ups always remember someone out there is praying for you. You could be the living epitome of Psalms 31 or you could just be discovering your way in the world,but I know you’re going to be amazing. I may be a stranger to you now, but one day God will reveal the road that leads you to my crazy household.

Just know wherever you are in the world, whatever path leads you to be apart of my family I love you, and I cannot wait to meet you.

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