Why I Hardly Wear Makeup

It’s very common in today’s society to see women with eyebrows on #fleek at all hours of the day. But it is also very uncommon to see women without makeup on a day to day basis. In my case it’s a little different then either one of those. 

Growing up I wore makeup from time to time but never got into it until about four years ago when I discovered the YouTube community surrounding all things beauty. I really enjoyed watching peoples tutorials on how to do the perfect cat eye and eventually I got really dang good at it and even started doing others makeup from time to time, but there came a point in life where I wasn’t doing it for fun anymore.

An ex of mine gave me the impression I wasn’t good enough, and that I HAD to wear makeup in public because I was on his arm. Not only is that hurtful and degrading, he gave me the impression he had plenty of other girls who were prettier waiting for me to slip up. For two years I had to be perfect at all times so I could be shown off.The pressure as you can imagine was insurmountable.

After we broke up I didn’t feel the need to wear it anymore because the pressure was gone to look flawless for anyone. I was determined to be accepted for who I was as opposed to what I look like. After years of feeling ugly, it wasn’t an easy transition,but I got through and most days I don’t wear any makeup at all. Heck its a good day if I brush my hair.

Luckily God placed some amazing people in my life who never judged me by my lack of eyeliner. They also don’t ask me if I am tired or sick, hate to break it to ya, but all women look tired without it. If they say they don’t, their lying.

No one wakes up like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I can whip up a Killer smokey eye and some contouring, but when I do it is because I want to, not because someone is berating me into it. I also have an amazing boyfriend who makes me feel beautiful at all hours of the day, especially when I don’t have anything on.

If you don’t ever leave the house without yo face on, you should try it one day. It is a little scary at first, and you may not wanna make eye contact with people, but it gets easier over time. Just keep going. If you can’t go cold turkey, try slowly cutting products out and see how few you can use

Bonus Tip: Whenever you don’t wear anything for a long time, and then all of a sudden go all out one night, you get the fun excitement back you probably had, before makeup became a chore.

You are beautiful.

–XOXO Kiley

24 thoughts on “Why I Hardly Wear Makeup

  1. spiritualdragonfly says:

    Good thing you got rid of him!!!! When I was in high school all those years ago, the only makeup I wore was eyeliner..black kohl eyeliner to be exact. I didn’t start wearing actual makeup till some years later, and even now, on the rare occasion that I do, it’s very minimal. Both my daughters are the same way…….our personal preference is more natural, to each his own……but again, so glad to hear you’ve moved on from someone who made you feel badly about yourself..life’s to short to waste trying to please someone in such a superficial way!

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  2. RhapsodyBoheme says:

    Going through beauty school and being a store director for Sephora for a few years, I was always interested in make up and enjoy wearing it. But for the right reasons and to enhance the beauty that is already naturally there and not because we are not beautiful already. I hope I helped many people during those years that felt intimidated by the perfectly contoured face and who might have struggled with self confidence. Everybody can learn to apply make up but it takes a beautiful heart to actually radiate and let beauty shine through. Something that is not always present in the catty behavior I encountered and where my nickname of the ugly beauty store originated.
    Good for you…and how shallow of him.

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    • georgiasfavouritethings says:

      You are absolutely right! For me, makeup is something to enhance the details of my face that I love and mostly to make me feel confident.
      I love wearing make up, playing with the different colours of eyeshadow and lipstick, but one thing is “enhancing”, another is completely changing the way you look like and the structure of your face.
      I often leave the house with no makeup, especially if I have to go to the grocery store or just to do chores. And sometime you don’t feel like wearing it… so don’t.
      As you rightfully said, beauty is you and your personality and not only your face.

      To 3375F, Sorry your ex boyfriend didn’t make you feel like enough, but happy you got rid of him!

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  3. sen8orial says:

    Well, first of all Good riddance! for both…the ex and the make up. No one who makes you feel bad about yourself is worth tagging along or even making an effort to look good for. Anyone who loves you for who you are and accepts you with all you flaws is worth changing for. On that note, congrats on your new boyfriend and your transition from makeup to no makeup. Quite frankly, it should be a woman’s choice wanting to wear a makeup or not and a man shouldn’t be a deciding or a motivating factor behind it. Nothing beats natural beauty but then again, it’s always fun to doll up every once in a while. I love my sweatpants and t-shirts but dressing up every once in a while can be good for one’s ego and self esteem. And there’s nothing wrong in wanting to look good for yourself but doing it for the wrong reasons or to be someones arm candy is just ain’t worth the trouble. Interesting post and I wish more girls thought the way you do. I’m sure your post will inspire them.

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  4. kurlylj says:

    I think all women can relate to this post. I used to be incredibly vein. I was shy, insecure, unpopular, confused, etc. My entire self-worth came from how I looked. There was no way I was going to be caught without makeup! Now that I am older, I realize what truly matters and it is not how I look. Looks can not produce real friendships, relationships, salvation, stability, peace, joy, etc. This all comes from the inside. We all age and when we do we won’t have our looks any more. If that is all we counted on, then the later years will be miserable. We will look back and realize what we missed out on because we spent most of our time on our looks. It is important to find your true self worth (in God).
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    Even if you aren’t, still check it out. Many topics and things to think about!


  5. Cristiano Sequeira says:

    I am glad you got rid of that guy.

    My girlfriend is beautiful to me anytime (and I make sure to let her know so often). She never wears makeup. It’s her choice. I am glad she chooses not to. In her case, I really see no point in doing so. But what I really loved about this post was the point you made about makeup not becoming a chore.

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