I’ll Never Be Your Damsel In Distress

Some girls love the idea of being waited on.

Some girls love the idea of being given everything.

Some girls also love the idea of being rescued.

I am not one of them. 

The idea of a damsel in distress is the exact opposite of who I pride myself on being.

Urban Dictionary  says a damsel in distress is ” A stereotype of portraying an unmarried female who needs to be saved. “

I know it is typical for women to need a mans help in somethings: bug killing, lawn mowing, oil changing, but there is a line I draw where a man is not needed. I can make my own money, open my own jars, make my own food. When did the idea of being seemingly helpless become so appealing?  Heck, I know some ladies won’t even carry their own dishes to the sink. NEWS FLASH LADIES: you are not weak, feeble, or incapable of doing everything yourself. If you choose to act other wise, you are just reinforcing stereotypes.You are not a Disney princess who needs a prince to come rescue you from some horrible situation. Have some independence and self respect. Some women also like to act like they are dumb and ditsy because its “cute”. I see nothing cute with toning down your own intelligence to make some guy feel like he is doing you a favor by explaining everything for you. In simple terms I’m sure.  There is nothing like having pride in the fact that you can survive THRIVE on your own, and nothing is better then being able to think freely for yourself. Do I love when my guy offers to help me do something when I’m busy, sure. Do I like when he opens the car door for me, absolutely. But best believe I can do anything he offers to do, on my own. I can think and answer questions for myself without looking to someone to help me. I can change my own flat tire myself. I can go get my own phone charger in the other room, and best believe I can make my own damn cup of coffee.


19 thoughts on “I’ll Never Be Your Damsel In Distress

  1. surindernath says:

    The reality is quite opposite to this, ‘man made myth.

    Grandpa Adam went and complained to God ( of course Adam was not a damsel ) because Grandpa
    felt he was “damned” and ‘distressed’ without Eve and God created Eve to rescue Adam pa …..Rest is History….( well, mostly suppressed History that…. and a History swept under the carpet by the naughty men ….!! )


  2. georgiasfavouritethings says:

    I completely agree with you. We don’t need a man to define us or make us feel (as you said) “helpless”. And I feel like a lot of women nowadays still willingly embody the stereotype (despite declaring themselves as “feminists”) of the defenceless princess, waiting for the big strong man to save them. You have a brain, do it youself!
    I try as well to be as independent as possible and after reading your wonderful thoughts, I’ll try even harder!

    Ps. Super glad to have discovered your blog!

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  3. Candy says:

    True and funny. I once went to a store and my mother asked if there was something to help her open jars (her husband was gone.) The clerk said, “Oh, you mean a portable husband. Aisle 5.” And sure enough, we found the jar opener.

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  4. cote8050 says:

    Perfect my dear, just perfect and you are so right! men and women are meant to be partners in this life, no one is better than the other, it is a life to share with respect and love, without that, forget it!!

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