| ABC’s of a Fantastic Spouse |


A. Appreciates you for all that you are and all that you aren’t.

B.Beliefs that agree with yours.

C. Compromises easily.

D. Delivers on their promises.

E.Emotionally stable.

F. Forgives easily.

G. Godly.

H. Has separate hobbies.

I. Inside Jokes. Nuff said.

J. Just and fair in their actions and opinions.

K. Kind to waiters, workers, employees.

L. Level Headed.

M. Manly ( if they are a man). No woman needs a wussy.

N. Nostalgic.

O. Open to try new things.

P. Perceptive of your needs.

Q. Quirky. We all love a little odd ball.

R. Reliable.

S. Sociable/ Silly. Both are important people.

T. Trustworthy

U. Uniqueness.

V. Vivacious.

W. Worthy, to be with someone as great as you.

X.  Xenodochial. ( Look it up)

Y. Yoked equally.

Z. Zealous.

21 thoughts on “| ABC’s of a Fantastic Spouse |

  1. brujsims says:

    Reblogged this on Call to Witness and commented:
    Looking for the ideal spouse that would meet your needs is impossible, none of us are perfect. Only God can meet our needs. Nevertheless, what we should be looking for is the spouse whom God has called to be our other half. They may not meet all our needs, but they compliment us enough to give us joy and contentment. What is the God ordained spouse look like. This post seems to hit right on the head.

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  2. RhapsodyBoheme says:

    Just love it and you inspired me to create my own πŸ˜‰ thank you. And by the way, I love your opinion and your outlook. And even if I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t argue with it and can appreciate that we as people don’t always agree, it’s the beauty of our uniqueness and should be respected.

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      • RhapsodyBoheme says:

        So true and you are very welcome. I grew up in a culture that celebrates each other’s successes and where other opinions are appreciated as they offer diversity and a new view. I grew up in Europe and for me it’s not a matter of being right but a matter to contribute. I do find it challenging here as many don’t relate or may even label my lack of wanting to compete with them as a la k of drive which is not the case. I just believe in live and let live, that’s all. I can have my opinion and still respect the one of others. We can exchange ideas but what a waste of time to argue and I was planning a post about the subject.
        Also thank you very much for the follow, I’m honored.

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  3. Food for the Soul says:

    My wife says that young wen should always look for a partner who is kind to his mother, because that is an indicator as to how he will treat a wife. There is some biblical basis for this, because marriage involves replacing the most important relationship in life, Parent and child, with another more important relationship, Husband and Wife. Leaving and Cleaving. Therefore what goes on before is a barometer as to how the new relationship will develop.

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