| Engagment Ring Selfies| Are You Bragging, Or Just Excited?


So you just got engaged and are like totes excited about it. You got the man, the fairy tale and the bling, now what? Most ladies first thought is to post a selfie of their new rock. When is it actually appropriate to post a picture of your ring and when does it cross the line of braggy. Are you more excited about showing off your bling, or your man?

We get it, your friends wanna see the ring because how else does anyone know you’re engaged? So you head on over to Instagram and take a photo that makes your ring look WAY bigger then it is in person, but who cares right? Let’s break down the three most common ring selfies in order or least braggy to most.


These pictures are just flat out adorable. I mean come on how sweet, and kudos to women who actually put their ring in the same photo as their fiance. You can show off the fact you have a ring without making it JUST about your diamond.



Alright ladies, if you post a selfie attempting to show off your “manicure”, you know good and well no one is looking at your boring gel polish. If you want to show off a close up of your ring, at least own it by not captioning your picture ” Love my new nails”. We aint buying it sista.



This is how you show off a manicure. Take notes.



We all know that one married gal who constantly post pictures of her rings. Like listen, we get it lady. We know you’re married and everything by now. It’s been three years, you can stop anyday now.



So there it is. Now do not forget this is my own opinion and observations, so you may say I am jealous or a hater. Whatever. I am not the only one who thinks like this.


14 thoughts on “| Engagment Ring Selfies| Are You Bragging, Or Just Excited?

  1. godschildshari says:

    Hi Kiley, amusing post! My engagement ring is second-hand and the diamond is probably only the size of a side diamond which accessorizes the main diamond – lol. I wear my rings proudly though because they mean that I am married to the most wonderful man in the world! (And it only took me 48 years to find him! LOL)

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  2. lycrawidow says:

    I’m guilty of all of these! I absolutely adore my wedding and engagement ring and like to make sure they are visible in family photos as well as manicure shots, because, well. You will show off more than one beautiful sunset, more than one family photo, and 3 zillion “selfies with the toddler”(but only when my make up is perfect!) so share that beautiful ring too! 🙂 X

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  3. RhapsodyBoheme says:

    I think it’s great if you are excited and happy, if you just can’t hold it in and want to share it with the world. Well at least your social media acquaintances and they can hardly be all close knit friends. But if it is all about status and bragging, I believe we cross the line as we impose high expectations on others. What if somebody can’t afford the huge rock but he is your soulmate? Do material things really outweigh true love?

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  4. itsworthediting says:

    Hello dear. I truly have enjoyed reading your various blogs. I had a hard time finding Xenodochial online. I finally went to a world dictionary. My husband and I celebrated 30 years of marriage on the 24th of July and we are much slower, but even more in love than before.
    I appreciate your liking my Jonathan’s Way blog post, too. I anticipate reading more of your posts. Thanks again.


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