Benefits of Stretching Everyday

You don’t have to be a yogi to enjoy stretching everyday. The amount of problems that can be eradicated, by simply just taking a few minutes to stretch is crazy.  Whether you are a runner, weight lifter, mom,  desk worker, or average Joe stretching should be on your daily routine.

Greater Flexibility

This is a no brainer, but stretching elongates the muscles and lets your joints reach their full range of motion. This lets you perform day to day task much easier, with less pain.

Increased Circulation

Stretching allows more blood to flow to and through the muscles. The increased blood flow allows more oxygen to get in the muscle fibers, while taking toxins away to be excreted.

Increased Mobility

As we get older our mobility lessens. Throw in the fact most of us sit on our butts all day, its no wonder our range of motions get less and less due to tight joints and tense muscles. Stretching keeps you loose  able to perform daily task better.

Better Athletic Performance

If you stretch you will perform better in the gym. Plain and simple. Muscles can grow bigger and stronger when they are able to bend and stretch pain free. Plus stretching after a tough workout can let lactic acids out of the muscles and oxygenated blood in.

Get to stretching and let me know how you feel! Namaste!


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