Curbing Your Wanderlust

If you are anything like me you love to travel. It may actually be my favorite thing to do. Whether it be road trips or actually leaving the country I find exploring new places to be so much fun. The problem is paying for all the trips. They can get expensive, so I thought I would shed some light on a few travel websites that can help you scratch your exploring itch without breaking the bank.



This website lets you pick pretty much anywhere in the world to go and they plan it all out for you. You can search by location, time, or budget and the website will give you a plethora of options of trips to take. They also show you what is included in price ( tours, meals, lodging ETC.)



Work away is a little different, people who are in search of volunteers post ads for workers online that people can respond too, and go volunteer to do. Your pay is you get to sleep and eat wherever you volunteer. This is how that couple did the 18 month honeymoon, they hopped from job to job for a expanded period of time. 


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If you enjoy a little more relaxed setting, or just like cruising ya might as well check out this website to perhaps save yourself a little money. Don’t let the name fool ya, you can book cruises out a couple years in advanced. 



If you are looking for a once in a lifetime trip, world race is for you.This is a 9-12 MONTH LONG mission trip where you will spend 1 month in a different country before moving on to the next. This type of trip is one where most people have a certain calling to do it. Since it is a mission trip, you will be volunteering, not staying in amazing hotels, and will be out of your comfort zone a lot. The perks of doing this is that you raise money to go since it is expensive. You do however have off days where you can go and explore the various countries you are in. 

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