#blacklivesmatter ( too )

I had the honor of hearing not one but two messages about race, racism, and faith yesterday at North Point. Shoutout to NPCC for really hitting on a topic that is  controversial and relevant to every single soul.I applaud any and all the speakers who got on stage to express their views and experiences with their candidness. I can only imagine how much courage and trust in God it took to get on that stage. What I want to discuss in this post is some things that I had little to no knowledge about, but was enlightened too last night at NP/NIGHTS. 

Firstly would be the whole #blacklivesmatter movement. Why this group has been portrayed by some negative light in the media, I genuinely believe it got started with good intentions, but just like any other group, a few bad eggs can spoil it for everyone. The violence and protesting to the point of standing in highways is just crazy, and does not represent the intentions of the entire group. I think what we must understand is that this group just wants to bring attention to the fact that black voices, black lives, and black opinions matter, also. Notice how I said also, because just like any other culture or race, everyone has the right to be heard and acknowledged and not one races voice matters more.  They are not saying that only black lives matter, nor are they discrediting any other race. They just want to bring to the forefront how their voices seem to be overlooked, misinterpreted, or discredited by the vast majority of people and most certainly the media. 

Secondly would be the fact that we are all one race: The human race. We should all love one another and stop the civil war that is going on in this country. We need to stop listening to the media, celebrities, or politicians that only push their social agendas and only cause a larger rift to occur between us all. We also need to stop listening to people who condone violence. violence only breeds more violence.Everyone whether they are black, white, Hispanic, purple, blue have all been saved by the fact Jesus died on the cross for us. I’ll say it again, EVERYONE was shown mercy and grace when Jesus died,because He did so for every single person regardless of color. That makes us all equals in the eyes of the Lord.

Thirdly is that most people have stereotypes of other races because they are uneducated or fearful. I think that if we all took the time to get to know one another, free from agendas or predispositions we could learn some empathy for one another. If we had the chance to sit down and ask questions, be candid, open and honest we could start to see things for what they are, and not what we assume they are.  Maybe, just maybe, we can truly see how our ignorance of the problem has created social divides. That requires us first to back away from our worldly scope, and ask questions, listen, and educate ourselves on the way other races and cultures have to bend and maneuver to accommodate others.

“People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.” – MLK

Lastly, it is hard to see the problem when it is far away. Sure we can all give our opinions on what they  should do over there because their outcome does not effect us. When the problem is close to home is when things get complicated. It is just like when someone gives you horrible relationship advice that you know is completely wrong, because your situation is so far away from them and close to you. So why we all like to act like forensic investigators, judges, and jury through social media we cannot ever tell what truly is right and best for a situation that we are removed from. Let’s all stop being keyboard warriors and try to be respectful of a situation that is potentially far from home. 

Maybe this post has hit on some points you haven’t ever considered, or maybe you think it was pointless. Regardless, we are all humans with families, jobs, and past that shape us. We should take the time to get to know thy neighbor and love on everyone. Doesn’t mean you have to be best friends with every person you meet, but show everyone grace and mercy the same way Jesus shows you grace and mercy every day. Like it or not, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ no matter our skin color or race. 

“But the one who hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness, and does not know where he is going because the darkness has blinded his eyes”. – 1 John 2:11

15 thoughts on “#blacklivesmatter ( too )

  1. savedbygrace2009 says:

    Amen !!! What an awesome blog, Kiley – I agree with you completely … 1 Samuel 16:7 … The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”
    Thank you my sister in Christ : )

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  2. godschildshari says:

    Everyone’s life matters. That is why God sent his son Jesus to die for us. We can’t change the mind of MAn unless the heart of Man is changed first and true change only comes through salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, not everyone has accepted that sacrifice., therefore we are not all brothers and sisters in Christ but Christians have been told to love others as Jesus loved us. We should love one another because that is what God told us to do, not because of the colour of our skin sets us apart.

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  3. Pazlo says:

    Thank you for voicing your impassioned plea for our world. I believe, as Dr. King did, in a world where our children will not be judged by the color of their skins. I believe in a world without labels.
    I wish everyone could stop what they are doing and watch the Olympics.
    There is America, unlike any other nation.
    Waving our flag and embracing their liberty, there goes a black man, an Hispanic girl, a white woman. An Irish name, a Polish name, an African name, a Spanish name. A Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Catholic. From 16 years old to 42 years old, from every corner of our nation.
    You know, regardless of the color of their skin, that Red, White and Blue looks beautiful on all of them.

    Be the change you want to see in the world.

    Seek peace,


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    • 3375F says:

      Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. I’m beyond glad you like it. I think if most people just took 2 seconds to think about it, everyone would have a better understanding.


  4. Woman of violent faith says:

    Love this !!!.. Racisim is a big thing in this world.. I live in SA and there are many people who like to hide that racisim still exists.. I am in an interracial relationship, and the stares we get is crazy! God loves us all, and God is not a God of colour. It so good to see that people out there are speaking of the truth. We as men and woman of God need to speak the truth.. God bless you!

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  5. Sparkyjen says:

    I am so thankful that my beloved Mother and Father taught me to love me just the way I am. They never ever ever allowed me to not understand my fellow men and women. We were raised to be part of the human race, the universal picture. I have hardly ever experienced any negativism because when I present myself, it’s always as Jennifer. It takes a whole lot of confidence to go out in the world and see yourself as an important member of society. I remember always going for the jobs where I was least likely to get the job had I presented myself as anything other than worthy of applying. I was telling some oldsters just the other day how I got a job as a PBX receptionist once upon a time in a company that wasn’t known for employing people of color in the front office. Yet, I got the job and was the first person anyone saw. I believe I was put here to use my voice in this shell I now inhabit for change. I don’t jump down anyone’s throat who prefers to see the world through eyes of misunderstanding and antiquated beliefs. I prefer instead to show them by my example how people can be just people. There are good, bad, and ugly folks walking around, yes. However, there are over 7 billion people on this planet earth. Many of these people do love each other, are open to connecting, and will be the saving grace of those who are not. All people matter, as we are all made in God’s image. I believe it. I believe it. I believe it. That makes me want to be all I can be to all I can be me to. At almost 61 years of age, I am happy to report…This little light of mine shines forth with mostly positive results. Until the day I die, I promise to keep my light on for all who fear to see. To Whom This May Concern: It takes each of us proudly, confidently, faithfully, doing our part to shine a light on the we in all of us that matters too!

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  6. kevingdrendel says:

    Really good article! I didn’t understand either until I read one post/article (I don’t remember what it was). The explanation was like this: imagine a dinner table, and the food makes it all the way around the table, but runs out before the last person gets any. If that person says, “Hey, I’d like some dinner!” It wouldn’t be kosher for the others to say, “Well, we want dinner too!” They already had dinner!. That is how our black brothers and sisters feel. what’s the reality? I don’t know. I’m white. The reality probably isn’t exactly what I think it is. We need to LISTEN to each other and open up our hearts to each other. God is love. End of story.


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