We Are NOT All Equal Under the Law 

I’m sure the majority of the country has heard all about the injustice that was enacted upon us by the FBI yesterday. But in case you live under a rock here is a quick recap. 

The FBI announced that Hillary Clinton carelessly and wrecklessly endangered our national security more then 100 times. Then they announced she would not be facing charges. 

Wait what?! So you’re telling me a woman who has not only gotten 4 Americans killed, but put the safety and security of ever single American at risk will get zero punishment? Not only will she not be held responsible, she will still be able to run for president. 

This is why people don’t trust the government. This is why the world is corrupt and people with influence and money get to make decisions that effect everyone except themselves. This only proves that we are indeed not all equal under the law. What’s worse is people, American citizens, still want her for president! 

This has nothing to do with which party you identify with. Put every candidates policies and stances aside for a second. I know you think free stuff is great and all, I get it, but She is a proven liar.She created a server strictly to hide what she was doing because she knew it was illegal and wrong. She can’t be trusted with this countries secrets, and she put you and your family in danger already. If you have any moral compass you could never possibly want her to be commander and chief of this country. As someone who dates someone in the military, it terrifies me at the thought she would be the love of my life’s boss. 

The FBI clearly has alternative motives for not pressing charges, but they just stabbed every American in the back. How could you expect anyone to take you seriously when someone who doesn’t pay parking tickets gets more jail time then HRC. Actually, someone who is j-walking gets in more trouble then she did. 

I beg you, take a second when you go to the polls and think about who you’re putting in control of not only your future, but ultimately your life. Also think about the families and friends of ambassador stevens, Sean smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods because the last time they put their trust in Hillary Clinton, they didn’t make it home.

 If at the end of the day you still want her to be president, you’re an enemy of not only this country, but me and my family. 

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