Stop Turning People Into Ice Cream Cone

I saw a very enlightening post on SoulScripts about not going after the ice cream cone people. Long story short the author ate dessert before dinner, and wasn’t fully satisfied. Was the ice cream good, yeah, but was something missing. Yes.

Sometimes we are so eager for something, whether it be love, attention, affection whatever, that we get eager and impatient. We dont want to wait for someone to sustain us. We just want the quick, easy solution. Something to hold us over for a short while. You’ll end up in the cycle of feeling let down time after time after time when you discover the ice cream isn’t what you actually needed.  doesn’t actually fix the hunger and will only leave you feeling lonely all over again.

I know I know “Kiley you’re dating what are you talking about” . Dating isn’t the point. The point is loneliness, doesn’t come or go based on your relationship status. Sometimes God calls us to be lonely with Him. The question is what are you filling yourself up with? What do you turn to to make yourself feel satisfied, or whole?! If you wait just a little longer, a real meal is coming your way. That’s when your hunger will truely be satisfied.  As Jordan Lee says ” loneliness doesn’t exist in a place God’s love dwells”

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