Living Healthy While Overcoming Health Issues

Ya know there are a lot of people who make excuses to avoid the gym. I don’t have time, I have kids, I have work, whatever it is, there is always an excuse you can make up to not go. I get it, life is hard. But then there are some people (myself included) who have a legitimate reason to skip out on the gym : health issues.

Y’all have heard me talk about my history/struggles with migraines (update is coming on that) ,but the last couple of months a new plague has come into the mix. Without going into details and making you run for the hills we will say I have stomach issues. For me it’s a mix of the two, for others it’s bad joints, thyroid issues, diabetes, the list is endless.

So how can you still keep to your fitness goals when the gym is just not an option soemtimes?! Here are a few of my favorite tips to keep you on track.

FIRSTLY: having a healthy lifestyle means more then slaving away at the gym. If you have health problems go to the doctor. Get it sorted out asap. The quicker it’s resolved the quicker you’re back to busting ass.

SECONDLY: If your doctor says take it is, take it easy. Killing your self because you can’t miss one day at the gym is ridiculous. Also don’t feel guilty about not making it to the gym. I know for me that’s really hard, but with the way my body is acting right now taking the last week off made my first day back today epic.

THIRDLY: If you can’t get fit by going to the gym, get fit in the kitchen. Make sure you’re taking in enough nutrients, fiber, and protein to lessen the chance of you loosing muscle during your gym hiatus.Now obviously if your doc says don’t eat something then don’t, duh. If you can’t eat a certain food group try finding alternatives, or get a supplement to replace the lost nutrients. Not working out and then eating like a slob is just a poor combination. You may get away with a quarter pounder (with cheese) normally, but when you’re in a caloric surplus, that food isn’t being used to fuel your muscles. So it will be stored as fat.

FOURTHLY Find alternatives to getting in some physical activity. Can’t lift weights? Do body weight exercises. Can’t leave your house. Find an at home routine. There is always something you can do. Heck you could do bicep curls with soup cans on your couch if you wanted too. Just keep moving.

Being healthy in general is a task so when health problems plague your normal routine a little adjustment can make all the difference.


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