How To Be Generous, When Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Being generous is something we should all strive to be. Whether it be giving to a charity or tithing to your church or donating something as simple as time, giving makes us all feel good and makes the world better, but what happens when you are barely scraping by to begin with. How could I possibly give money when I have none myself? How can I donate time, when there are only 24 hours in a day? Here is what I have learned in my journey to give more, while living with less.

Giving has to be a priority, not an after thought. Most people spend all their money and then think ” oh darn wish I had money to give.”

Giving should be a priority. Before you get paid pick out the number you want to donate, and the second your pay check hits your account, go ahead and donate it. Get it out of the way and then live on what is left. Once you get good at being on this donate first, live second you can start bumping up the amount.

Shoot if you want to get really crazy, donate first, save second, and then live off of what is left. Donating and saving have to be done first if you want to actually get them done.

Living below your means also gives you extra money to donate. If you get a raise at work, live as if you didn’t. Just because you have more money, does not mean you have to spend it. You lived just fine when you did not make the extra money, you will survive with the extra money not being spent.

Same thing with your time. Plan in advance to guarantee it gets done. Get your friends involved so it becomes something fun and enjoyable for you guys to do together. Heck the more the merrier!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Do you have a favorite charity or organization you like to donate too? Leave it below

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