Mission Military: Month 1

Well, it’s been a whole month since my man left and its suporisingly not as hard as I was expecting. Luckily I have taken his words to heart to get involved. To get out there and meet people. Breaking through your comfort zone is very hard for me, so doing so was my goal for not just myself but for us as a couple.

The first weekend he was gone I luckily got to go spend some time with my family which really calmed those initial nerves and sadness. Then I came back and started to really dive in. I joined the hospitality team for a group at my church directed towards the younger crowd. And can I say the girls I’ve met are phenomenal. I always wanted to be surrounded by like minded women who adore Jesus and I feel like I have finally gotten to that point. I wake up in Saturdays excited to go to sleep and go to church on Sunday. Lesson of this story: love the local church. I’ve also spent the mass majority of my time at work, since it is our busy season. I’ve caught myself being super nice and helpful to clients on days when I feel crappy or miss him. Guess ya fake it till ya make it!
Working out has been a really good outlet for me. I’ve always worked out 5-6 days a week but now it seems to be my Zen time. I’ve caught myself doing cardio (yuck) just so I can stay at the gym longer.

Other then that every weekend, I’ve been packing up my studio to move on Wednesday to a bigger place. It is a little sad to be leaving my first apartment here in Atlanta but as the Bf would say “this was never your home, just your beginning”. And he is right, this place was just a stepping stone to get me acclimated to being alone.

This first month has not been bad, and I know bad days will come, as will tears, but God has sent some beautiful souls to guard me,protect me, help me, and overall just love me. It also helps they don’t know my Bf so it’s nice to get to share what a perfect guy I date.

Being a “military girlfriend” is not really what I like to term myself even though that’s what I am. I like to think of us as,we are a couple who are both following God’s path even though it has taken us apart.

Until next time XOXO

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