Why Not Me?!

It’s hard to live in a society where people put their entire lives on social media. It’s also hard to not compare your situation to theirs based on the pictures you see. I know I’m in the stage of life where everyone is getting married, building houses, buying nice things and I am constantly in the stage of ” why don’t I have that?” As I sit in my studio apartment eating pb&j while others are out exploring the world dining at fancy restaurants. It’s hard to stay positive when everyone’s highlight reel of pictures is everything you want for yourself.

What I have to remember is, I am exactly where God wants me to be. Will I get engaged? Eventually. Will I build my own house? Probably. I don’t need to rush God’s timing of my life. I don’t need to attempt to make things happen faster either. Rushing His plan won’t make things better, it’ll actually make them worse.

Comparing yourself to others also steals your joy of what you DO have. I may live in a studio apartment, but it is MINE. I pay for it all myself. Also the pb&j I’m eating? That was purchased with my own money. Those are small accomplishments in my book. Ill get the husband, house, and kids but in the mean time I need to enjoy the struggle of not having a ton. I need to embrace the grind of working for myself and for the betterment of my future. God’s timing will prevail always. So all I have to do is relax, be patient and thank Him for this season of life.


Do you notice how good some people seem to have it? Do you often catch yourself envying what they have? Why do you envy them? Let me know in the comments below

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