Saving Money By Ditching Cable

Okay people, it is 2016 and the majority of us are scared to ditch our cable provider. Are we scared we will miss something? Oh no I won’t get to watch what everyone else is watching. The majority of us watch shows after they have aired due to time constraints or wanting to watch with someone else. And let’s face it, most of us only watch Netflix anyways.

Here is a few good options for ditching your cable, but not missing a show.


Most of us have this anyways but it is worth mentioning. Netflix allows you to watch full seasons of your favorite shows at once. Sure the seasons come out once they have aired on cable, but who actually cares? With the ever changing variety of TV and movies, you have endless possibilities of things to watch.


Hulu is a great option for people who like to watch shows when they air. Hulu has the latest 5 to 6 episodes of all your favorite cable shows the day after they air. This means that as long as you do not let 6 episodes go by, you will not miss a beat.


Google chromecast is an accessory you plug into the USB of your television that streams whatever is on your computer. Meaning you can go to your favorite networks website and watch the latest shows, streamed directly to your television. This includes channels like ABC, The CW, CBS, and ABC Family.

Apple TV

My personal favorite Apple TV. Has different “channels” if you will that allow you to steam your favorite shows on your tv through your HDMI port. This includes ABC Family, HBO, Netflix, HULU, and Lifetime.

If you still are hesitant to stop paying for cable you should really evaluate how much live tv you actually watch. I myself was paying over $100 and I only watched shows online because I was not home when they aired originally.


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