Redefining the Term Motherhood

Let me preface the following with: No I am not a mother, No Ive never been pregnant, and yes the following is only from my non-maternal perspective.

I feel like a large issue in our society is abortion. Do you support it? Are you pro-life? Regardless of your opinion I feel like the whole issue would be a non-issue if we changed the way we look at birth and the conception of becoming a mother in general.

Have you ever heard or experienced being asked ” Are you ready to become a mom” to a woman who is pregnant? Have you ever talked to a pregnant lady about what it is going to be like to give birth and become a mom? I personally do not ask these questions because I do not believe motherhood starts at birth.

Motherhood starts at conception. Take a minute to mull that over in your brain. The second you become pregnant you are a mother, whether you know you are pregnant or not. Whether you want the baby or not. The moment you conceive you are a mother because you are growing, nurturing, and selflessly protecting and unborn child. That sounds a lot like being a mother already. This is true for women who have miscarriages too. Just because their baby did not make it, doesn’t mean they aren’t that child’s mother. They still grew, loved, and cherished their baby, wether it was just a fetus or a little peanut sized ball of cells.

If our society thought being a mother before birth, I think the pro-life thing would not be an issue. You could consider it a baby, fetus, embryo, or sack of cells for all society cares, but that growing thing in you, makes you a mother and as a mother it is your obligation to protect that baby.

If you can still abort the baby, after considering yourself a mother, then that is your baggage to carry. I personally think if we as a society want to change the way people look at pregnancy or abortion, we need to address the way we talk about it first. Asking a pregnant lady if they are ready to be a mother completely under minds the fact that she ALREADY IS ONE.

Take a few minutes to think about that concept and let me know what you think. Heck feel free to inform me on my stupidity if you wish.


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