||Book Buys January||

This is the year I am going to attempt to read more. I buy most of my books on Amazon because, cheap. I found myself leaning towards the thriller/ suspense category this month which is a little new for me. I ended up buying and reading three books in total. Two were great and one…. Not so much.

1. The Girl On The Train


You go, Paula.
There is a reason this book is being made into a movie this year. It is explosive, engaging and captivating up until the bitter end. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to and you can purchase it HERE . Be on the lookout for the movie staring Emily Blunt set to release October 7th.

2. Where’d You Go, Bernadette


I honestly picked up this book based solely on the cover, but ended up loving it. It’s quiet the page turner and only took me 27 hours to read it from cover to cover. If you know someone with anxious tendency’s, this is the book for you and you can purchase it HERE

3. Awake


I bought this book because I read Natasha Preston bestseller The cellar. This book was a let down compared to her other books. This book had some speed but hit a slow patch midway through and never gained the speed back. If you do want to buy it to see for yourself you can get it HERE.

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